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When is the best time to visit Sicily? What kind of weather can be expected in each month? When it rains the most? From when and until when the sea temperature allows for a nice bath? What seasonal fruit reign at the stalls? When spring begins? What’s unusual is happening in October? In this post I will present to you a thorough analysis of conditions in general in Sicily month after month, based on the experience of my seven visits to the Island and observation by the person living there for almost fourteen years. I’ll answer the questions about the best time to visit and how to deal with hot weather, when you can go only in the middle of summer.

In Sicily I spent so far 18 weeks for the years 2001-2016, at different times, from May 12 (in 2016) to 20 September (2014). I think that does not surprise anyone that July and August in Sicily is hot, and the water in the sea is hot. But what about the other months? I often get queries from you, how to choose the date for the trip and what weather should we expect, especially in spring and autumn. Based on my own experience I have a lot to write, but recently I had the opportunity to make interview with my friend Ola lived in Syracuse, about Sicilian weather, , SoI gathered our observations together and thus created this post. Here we go!

Sicily in January

January is the coldest and most rainy month. On the coast temperature typically ranges from 8-14°C during the day, 5°C at night, below 0°C don’t decrease. The situation is different in the interior of the Island, in mountainous areas. There happen slight frost, it is not surprising a few centimeters of snow. Yeah, a few. As I write this text Italy is experiencing the winter of the century, and the south of Italy, including Sicily, is covered by snow which in some places have a thickness of 1 m! The last time snow in Sicily was seen two years earlier, also in January, then for a few hours covered Modica, city in the south – eastern part of the Island, causing a sensation. Snow is normal at Mount Etna, which every year in the winter turns into a good prosper ski resort. White fluff is lying at the top of volcano until mid-May. In January Sicilian stalls are dominated by citrus, particularly oranges variety Sanguinello, which is red inside.


Extreme snowfall in January 2017 in the mountains of Madonie and Nebrodi ©


Sicily in February

In February Sicilian spring begins, whose most characteristic element is the blossoming almond trees that cover the beautiful, fragrant flowers of bright pink color. In the first decade of the month in the province of Agrigento is held Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore, a festival of blossoming almonds. Daytime temperature ranges from 15 ° C up to 20 ° C, obviously at noon and with clear sky. Rains still occur, but they are much less intensive than in January. Sicily in February is a good idea for people who want to escape from the Polish winter in warmer areas, but don’t expect hot weather. At stalls is full season for citrus. For clarity, let me add that the citrus fruit hanging on the trees all winter, from autumn until spring.


Blossoming almond tree © Stretto Web

Sicily in March

March in Sicily is full time spring season, fully rash of greenery and flowers, blooming meadows, trees and overlay the buds and young leaves. Again, more rain, and temperatures in the range 15 – 20 ° C are becoming norm, in clear sunny days in the afternoon and early afternoon can indicate temperature up to 23 – 24 ° C. Season for citrus is still there.



Sicily in April

Green and flowery meadows covers even the high-lying areas in the interior of the Island. Rains are rare and temperatures normally formed in the range of 20°C, in nice weather,  temperature reach up to 25°C. The season for citrus begins end, and at the stalls are first strawberries and remain on them until mid-June. The beaches are still empty, but in a very nice day, you can see the first tourists and a few locals, who enjoy only sunbathing. Is it possible to bathe in the sea? The water temperature ranges from 18-20°C, for me, this is too low, but remember that our Baltic Sea has the same in August.


Sicily in May

I dreamed of May in Sicily and last year ago I had the opportunity to see it with my own eyes. I wasn’t disappointed, the Island is really beautiful, the weather is very stable. Letme start form begining. I spent 10 days at the western edge of the Island, Trapani and Egadi Islands, precisely between 12 and 22 May. Throughout my stay sun was beautiful shining, the sky was mostly clear, more or less in the middle of my stay there was a lot of rains, dropped a few drops of rain, and the temperature dropped during rainfall to approx. 21°C. In addition, beyond this incident the temperature fluctuated up to 23-24°C in the early days, and in the last two raised to approx. 26°C. In a word, the temperature was ideal both for sightseeing, to tekking and sunbathing. The problem was the wind. For several days, particularly at the beginning, quite a strong wind blew. In the compact construction building didn’t feel discomfort because of this, but when I lay down in shorts on beach in Trapani on May 13, blow me out. There also wasn’t cruised ferries and ships, because of strong wind the sea was too rough. Nature amazed me. The vastness of the green and multicolored flowers, incredibly contrasting with the intense turquoise sea and blue sky. Below I posted links to two posts, which show Trapani and Levanzo Island in the middle of May, absolutely you must look my photos. I think that exquisitely presented in May to the east coast of Sicily with Mount Etna in the background, because the tip of the volcano is still covered with a cap of snow. A word for the fruits. In May we have full season for strawberries, there are wild strawberries, cherries. You also will buy oranges but their time at is over. In May, beach – bathing season begins to open. I ‘m chilly person, but I swam in the sea on May 14 at the Island of Levanzo. Well, it took a moment before I went deeper and dove, and the water was far from the proverbial “bath”. On the beaches I’ve seen quite a big group of people, especially at the end of my stay.

Sicily. Levanzo – 25 minutes to another world

Sicily. Trapani seeing by heart

Sicily in June

June I mention as a month of intense and rapidly progressive transformation of the Island. In 2012, I stayed in Sicily between 6 and 21 June. The arrival was wonderful. Nice and warm, but not “boiling hot”, the beaches aren’t as filled by tourists as in July or August, but the water – then I swam in Scopello on the north coast – already very nice, but not very warm. Suddenly, after June 10 began heat, every day more and more, until the last day media announced for it temperature up to 38°C, furthermore with high humidity. Sicilians assessed that June as an anomaly, however, my beloved Island gave me a hard time during that stay. Over the two and a half week wasn’t drop eaven light rain. When, after June 10th we transfer to southern part of the Island, I said surprised that the water is much warmer and basically not much different from that August water I rememeber. It’s probably a phenomenon characteristic of the southern coast, because there are sandy beaches, shoals go far, and the distance from the coast of Africa makes an effect. Vegetation in June is still alive, although I don’t recall the lush greenery characteristic for the period of May. It’s fair to say that June is already in Sicily midsummer. In the middle of the month end strawberries, huge and extremely sweet cherries watermelons, melons, peaches, nectarines laughing at stands till the end of the month. True debauchery for fruit eaters.


Cavagrande del Cassibile, June 2012

Sicily in July

July is t scorching heat from early morning to dark, the temperatures hardly drop below 30°C. Evenings are very warm and pleasant, even when I visited Sicily in July and August, the evenings was my favorite time of the day. I wore a dress, sandals and went out for long walks through the towns, because actually after dark I could breathe freely. The water in the sea is so warm, that it sometimes doesn’t cool you, especially on sandy beaches with long shallows. Abundance of fruits, green grass you can meet only on the city squares and in the gardens, where it’s artificially irrigated. Rain in July is not raining, it can happen intense storm and strong, but short rain. Tourists are everywhere, more especially in the second half of the month, however among them aren’t Italians, not counting the locals spend their free time at the seaside. Fruits are the same as in June, with the exception of cherries.


Stromboli Island, July 2010

Sicily in August

Sicily in August  is a nightmare for me and I do not recommend it to anyone who has a choice, and can go to the Island at another time. I wasn’t born with that wisdom, I have experienced it painfully myself, first as student / student, who only has July and August free, and later as a wife whose husband before the first trip to Sicily did not understand the translation, that in August the brain is cooking and steams goes through your ears, as result of which in the ferragosto (August 15th – the feast, and usually the warmest day of the year) was walking in a pedestrian traffic jam on the Corso Umberto in Taormina. Yes, it’s another cons of August. Poles go on holidays usually in July and August, the Italians only in August, which makes all attractive places incredibly crowded, and prices go up crazy. Seasonal fruits in August, are the same as in July, but also at stalls you will find fico d’india fruits and Sicilian almonds, recognized as the best in the world. Almonds are what I always bring from Sicily. They aren’t cheap, kilo at the market costs approx. 15 euros, but their taste can not be compared with any I’ve ever eaten. In August, air temperatures often reach – or even exceed – 40°C, often also there are storms and violent cloud bursts. The water in the sea is very warm or may I say hot, has a temperature above 30°C, but finding a free space on sand/gravel, for example, on the famous beach of Isola Bella in Taormina is a real achievement. Better in terms of tourists crowd is the situation in the south of the Island, which is not too popular among foreign tourists, but there air temperature annoys most, due to a sirocco, hot and dry wind blow from the Sahara. For clarity, let me add that when the sirocco blows, feel it all over the Island, but the southern part feel it most.


Taormina, August 2008

Sicily in September

September is a very nice month for Sicilian journey. The August heat fade into oblivion, but it’s still very warm, approx. 28 – 30°C, and the water in the sea iswarm for a long time. Beaches are abandoned by the August tourists crowds tempted to sit on them, even in Taormina. In 2014, I spent three weeks in Sicily from September. 1st to 20th.  When I arrived the first day was clear and warm, but in the evening blew strong, cool wind, the next day, waseven briefly rain. Later, up to the end of my stay no longer seen a single drop of rain, although sometimes freakish September just in terms of rainfall, that occur watering the ground like sticking plaster on a bleeding wound. A wound is bleeding, sometimes even very much. The thing that saddened me very much and definitely didn’t like in September in Sicily, was burned or still burning hills, meadows, pastures, usually not extinguished, left to burn out. My friend still remembers how in 2011 it rained in Syracuse without a break for a week between September 10th and 17th. September is full season for fico d’india, at stalls, you can find also grapes.

In the following two posts I showed beaches of southern Sicily in September.

Rezerwat Przyrody Torre Salsa – nieznana Sycylia

Isola delle Correnti – where the Sicily ends

Here you can see Monte Cofano blackened after the fire.

Sycylia ekstremalnie, czyli jak wchodziliśmy na Monte Cofano z psem

Sicily in October

Surprise! After the September rains in October on the Island comes second spring! When in Poland tree gilding, Sicily is green again. Only the day is shorter, but the water in the sea is still warm, much warmer than in May. Daytime temperatures are generally pleasant, approx. 20-25°C, although sometimes jacket is useful, there are also hot days, in 2016 the temperature reached up to 30°C, beach season ends at the end of the month. In mid-October is ending season for fico d’india, and begins the season for chestnuts and mushrooms. Mashrooms you can collected in the forests in the interior of the Island, in the Madonie mountains and Nebrodi mountains and on the slopes of Mount Etna.

Sicily in November

November on Sicily this daily temperature usually in the range of 15 – 20°C, occasionally reaching at noon 25°C and and low precipitation. Locals no longer bathe in the sea, but the water is still pleasant, comparable with the beginning of May. Still continues the season for chestnuts and mushrooms, season starts again on citrus. The forests in the interior of the Island gilding.


November in the interior ©

Sicily in December

The December air temperatures oscillate between 10 – 15°C, there are warmer days, up to 18°C at noon on a sunny day. Few tourists are seen in T- shirt , but the locals permanently take out the jackets. Rainfall is not too much more than a few days per month. Season for citrus kicks off for good, depending on the weather appears at the end of the month red oranges variety Sanguinello.

When is the best time to visit Sicily?

In conclusion, the season in Sicily starts from May and ending in October, which doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t  visit the Islands in the remaining months. So, all really depends on whatexpectations you have . If someone is focused on sightseeing and a short rest on the beach treats as a supplement, the May is highly recommended. If swimming in the warm sea is a must be on a trip, it’s a good solution to choose September. But what if you have only the period between the end and the beginning of the school year? Some time ago I answered similar question of my reader. She was going with her family to Sicily in the summer, worried about the heat and asked me what the exact term will be the best. I advised her to take a trip immediately after the end of the school year, or the end of June and beginning of July. This’s in my opinion the best solution. There’s no tourist crowd jet, prices are reasonable, and the heat, of course, can occur, but it should not be as bad as in late July or August. When the weather forecasts predict the heat, I advise to take a trip deep into the Island, eg. In the mountains Nebrodi or Madonie, or to visit Mount Etna. Often (but not always) cooler is also in the town of Erice. Such a situation I had in June 2012. At the sea level in Trapani, the sky was clear and wad really hot, but in Erice, just 700 meters higher was cold. In August 2008, a pleasant respite from the heat we found on Mount Etna. We sightseeing the volcano in long jeans and wearing sweatshirts.

If you have any questions, please, ask them in the comments on this post, I will try to answer each and advise. I’ll be happy to read your experiences, the weather in Sicily, go ahead and share the information, I’m sure it will help those just planning to go there 😉

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