Sicily, Wanda and Grzanka, the story without a happy ending

When five years ago, Wanda began a new life in Sicily, she adopted a five-month bitch form a dog shelter in Golenow near Szczecin, and to provide her a beautiful life in the south of Italy, alongside loving family. Life, however, sometimes is perverse, so rolled the fate of the two girls – Wanda returned to Poland, but Grzanka beloveddog stayed in Sicily, under the care of a man who didn’t want her. At any time, the Grzanka may go back to the dog shelter or simply Sicilian street. Wanda asked me to help, and I ask you. Let’s help that little gem to return to the Poland. You do not need the money, because Wanda cover all costs, only the people who love animals and traveling through Italy by car or bus. Because air travel is not an option, low cost airlines don’t carry animals, and in regular lines, weighing aprox. 15 kg dog would go in the luggage compartment, and that’s a very big stress for a pet. Read it, share it, let’s combined  our forces to bring back home Grzanka. Because home is wherever your family is.
Here is Wanda request addressed directly to you:

Dear All!
I’m looking urgently for persons returning by own car or bus from Sicily to the Poland and looking above all honest people who love dogs. Because my request to you concerns precisely on dog, and exactly my 5-year-old little princes named Grzanka. I mean to take her back from there to Poland. I cover all costs of transportation with the person who agreed to take her back home. If someone who travel by car would take her I will add to the fuel cost. I, unfortunately, I have no way of bringing her personally.
Grzanka is very dear, calm, childrenfriendly and friendly to other animals. Certainly not make trouble, and travel with her will be happier. She was already traveled, she is used to it,  only need just the piece of rug in the car. All documents and vaccination are valid. If anyone of you could help I would be very grateful and happy.
Thank you and best regards,


Look, I have another idea. I know, that there are few brave souls who choose to go to Sicily by car having the opportunity to take a cheap flights. So please, also reported that people who could carry Grzanka only on a fragment of the route, eg. from Sicily to the mainland, piece by piece, section by section to the north, and from the north to the Poliand. In addition, I please for help people who living permanently in Italy, which could be stored at home Grzanka for a few days maybe, if we could arrange transportation. Please leave info in the comments below the text, it will be easiest to organize something together.

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