Tuscany – the most beautiful view points in the Val d’Orcia. Part 2

Val d’Orcia stretches to the south of Siena, at the foot of an extinct volcano Monte Amiata is a land of dream for every enthusiast of photography and one of the most popular region in Europe for outdoor shooting. It comes from here majority of famous views printed on postcards. After more than two and a half years since the publication of post “Tuscany – the most beautiful view points in the Val d’Orcia” I invite you to its continuation. Another famous panoramas and practical tips on where to go and what place you choose to snap by yourself the most popular views of this part of Tuscany.

View of Tuscany – panorama of Val d’Orcia

Cypress road, lonely villa, cypress clumps and Viteleta Chapel

You will find the information about these panoramas and their maps in the first part of the post below.


This beautiful agroturism and leading to it winding road planted with cypress trees, it’s a private property, with gate which prevents unauthorized entry. There are two ways to photograph Baccoleno. The first is a photo shot from the road, with a good zoom lens you will get a similar effect as in the pictures above. Just get out of the car and approach the fence in place, which I have indicated on the map below.


Photo taken from the road without zoom.

pierwsza papierowa książka

There’s a second option, which gives you the opportunity to photograph buildings with access road in all its glory. You’ve to pass the gate, go about 50 meters and get a piece of the field, eg. on the right site. I remind you that this is private property, but like with a gate preventing access to the Capella della Madonna di Vitaleta (I wrote about it in the first post of vantage points), no one chasing photography enthusiasts with a pitchfork, and entry limit is likely to protect this extremely at the same time charming and narrow gravel roads from excessive movement.








>Bagno Vignoni – Agriturismo Poggio Covili

Another agritourism decorated in the old traditional Tuscan buildings. Poggio Covili boasts perhaps the greatest row of cypress in a straight line across the Val d’Orcia. Place gives many possibilities for photography enthusiasts. The photo above, showing buildings with a cypress row lane from side (from the direction of Bagno Vignoni), I’ve done at sunrise on a hazy morning. Also popular is the double row from the front, but not only.



Foto Nicolo’Vedele

Poggio Covili can be also shoot from the other hand, especially at sunset this approach is very interesting. Unfortunately, battery in my camera after all day work was already dead, so Ishot by using the phone. This photo I made from a dirt road.


How to get to Poggio Covili? The farm is located along the SR2 near Bagno Vignoni.


Agriturismo Poggio Covili from the road to Rocca d’Orcia


Photo Judith Kuhn

But the best point for shooting Poggio Covili is a hill, on which the road SP323 reach Rocca d’Orcia. On the map below I showed one of the places for a clicking photos, but the truth is that it’s best to find yourself a convenient point, and it’ll depend largely on the bushes, that cover the side of the road. But beware, without lens offering a high zoom you don’t have to count on the scene, such as this above. After all, I highly recommend the way to the Rocca, for a beautiful panoramas.


Pienza’s panorama

Beautiful Pienza seen from the bottom surrounded by green hills of cypress trees? Here you have! The proposal for people who aren’t afraid to enter into the bushes a few meters. Just driving through SP146 of San Quirico d’Orcia in the direction of Pienza turn right on gravel road heading for Agriturismo Cretaiole, then pass the buildings and move away approx. 1.8 km from the main road. This route can also be reached from the back to the famous chapel Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta what I wrote in the first post of vantage points (Capella – updated in 2014). Pienza from this place looks great.

Panorama of Montalcino

Panorama showing the Tuscan hills, and in the distance on the hill Montalcino? You can snap a photo in the same spot where you photograph the famous cypress clump. Just turn right and so the view is available at your fingertips.

panorama Montalcino Val di Orcia punkty widokowe

Samotna kępa cyprysów przy drodze do Montalcino punkt widokowy w Toskanii

The most famous tuscan cypresses photographed from the same place

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