Procida will feed the soul of an Italian lover. Agnieszka’s story

When I watched the movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley” a couple of years ago, I could not stop wondering if there were still such places in Italy? I knew I the movie was filmed on a small island near Naples, but I had no idea how to get there and whether it is worth it. Until suddenly a revelation! Post made by Natalia on a blog about a lovely little island. I’ve read it and I’m lost in it … I made my decision: we’re flying!

Dear All, today I exceptionally give the pen, or more precisely, the keyboard to Agnieszka Galińska, a regular blog reader, who, under the influence of my post about Procida bought plane tickets to Naples for herself and her daughter. The girls spent a few days on the island, thanks to it they had the opportunity to discover various nooks, which I still can only dream of after only one afternoon on this wonderful island. When Agnieszka put her photos on our facebook group WŁOCHY – podróże & styl życia I asked her does she would like to write three or four sentences, tossing, among other things checked restaurants and accommodation if she were satisfied with it. After a few days I received from Agnieszka the material for the whole post! For a reminder below you’ll find link to my post, which inspired Agnieszka to fly.

Campania. Procida – a colorful island off the coast of Naples

To Procida I went with my daughter Clara for four days at the end of June. Booked on booking Villa Mazzella B & B was a bull’s-eye. Everywhere was close, 10 minutes on foot from the ferry port, and to the main attractions of the island was a stone throw. The owner Mario was very helpful, he recommended us the beaches, monuments, restaurants, explained the bus transportation and I felt like I knew everything about the island 🙂 Room with air conditioning, bathroom, free mini bar and breakfast was a poem: warm toast, cold meats, fresh fruits and juices, homemade jams, pastries, cheese, delicious coffee and all in the garden among lemon trees and palm trees.

On the island, we moved most often on foot, after all the island is only 4 km². However, when the heat was taking its toll, believe me, it was, with pleasure we took the air-conditioned bus. Bus, wasn’t strictly a big city bus which we know haha. They are rather micro buses, adapted to very narrow streets. Sometimes it seemed to us that if the driver wanted to put his elbow for a moment, he would definitely lose it, so it was narrow. There are four bus lines, they run every 10-15 minutes and will take you to all corners of the island. The 1.5 euro ticket you can buy at the driver or in bars and tabacchi.

On the island, you can choose between few beaches. Mario recommended us two. The first of them Chiaia, is a perfect beach for families with children. Steep descent is suitable for kids trolleys, shallow sea, calm, very clean, protected by breakwaters. On the beach bar, you can also rent an umbrella and two sun loungers for € 20. From the beach is A perfect view of Capri. At the other end of this beach is the fabulous seafood restaurant La Conchiglia and to it every two hours there is a free orange boat from Marina Corriciella.

The second beach recommended by the host is Ciracciello on the other side of the island, next to the charming Chiaioella Marina. Bus stop right on the beach. Beach is long, with good service, shower, (17 euros for two sunbeds and umbrella), with beautiful views of Ischia and Vivara, connected to the Procida bridge. Fantastic waves, very warm water. It should be noted that Procida is an island of volcanic origin, so the sand on the beaches is black and warms up fast, access to the sea by barefoot isn’t nice 🙂

pierwsza papierowa książka

And now what tigers like most: gastronomy. Every Italian lover knows that if we do not buy something to eat till 12 o’clock, it could be a brick starvation because all the food and grocery stores are opened later in the 18-20 range. The island isn’t an exception. I’m not really surprised at all, few people would like to work in this heat, cook and eat, but the evening … Haven can wait 🙂 . I must say in here funny story, that happened to us by the way of siesta time. Well, when we came back from the beach, my daughter broke the flip flops, there was no chance of buying any other shoes. All shops closed, even those with typical beach accessories. The heated black paving stones didn’t allow for barefoot marching, it burned our feet unkindly. It surely looked comic like we had one barefoot at the time jumping, groaning like in the Indian dance, heading to the hotel. From that moment on, I thought that I would always take with me a string in my purse, so I will be able to attach my flip flop to my foot. Haha 🙂 But going back to eating …
Our favorite pub was the Restaurant Pizzeria Fuego. In the charming Marina Corricella, near the fishing boats, on the seafront. Great and fresh seafood, home made wine and paradise for teenagers Italian pizza. Prices are normal. Pasta is 6-10 euros, pizza 4-8 euro, wine decanter 4 euros, fish and other sea creatures 7-15 euros. We were there most often. It was also a nice service, which one evening when we came far too early before opening, made us feel like in home. I recommend spaghetti with shells in lemon sauce, in my life I did not eat better!

Another pub is Il Maestrale. Very nice, with delicious food, but there are no pizzas. I ate there great pasta in pesto sauce, mussels and white beans, an interesting experience, I loved it. Affordable prices.

And if you want something more elegant, with the most beautiful view, it’s just La Lampara. Delicious food, exquisite cuisine, excellent desserts and a view of the entire Marina Corricella. Prices higher, but with a reasonable order, you won’t pay all your money.

And if you want to buy something on the way to the beach, then I recommend the La Panetteria bakery. Family pie, in the center of the island, smells is spreading everywhere and far away. You can buy a pizza on a weight-average satisfying piece is 1.5 euros, you can also buy sweet and salty pastries, bread, bagels and other delicacies. The bakery is open until 10.30am and after 17pm.

The best ice cream we ate in the ice cream parlor at the corner of Via San Rocco and down to Marina Corricella. There is a nice cool inside, the tables are in the shade and the view of the most beautiful street. Try pistachio, lemon and coffee flavors … Heaven in the mouth. The average price of a portion of three flavors is 2.5 euros, put on a spatula, which is of no consequence as the portions are larger.

Generally priced at stores similar to Naples.

During our stay, there was a lot of heat, so any sightseeing we had in the early morning. It has its pros, it’s empty, good light for pictures and still cool.

We were delighted by Terra Murata, the oldest part of the island. Time stopped there centuries ago. Narrow cobbled streets, old houses, wonderful views of Vesuvius and Naples, abandoned castle, which until recently served as a prison, a small church on a cliff and could be exchanged. This is a must see for anyone who visits the island.

However, the pearl of the island is Marina Corricella. Colorful houses on the seafront, a fishing village, which is sort of alive transferred from the movie “Il Postino”, colorful boats, chains and everyday, simple, unhurried life of people. One would like to stay there forever. My daughter Klara, enthusiast of photography, had quite a feast in the marina.

Procida wyspa koło Neapolu, KampaniaProcida Neapol Marina CorricellaProcia Napol

The whole island is the embodiment of real southern Italy, unspoilt by mass tourism. Friendly people, the next day they treat you like a good friend and from a distance welcome you with beautiful sounding “buongiorno” who have at the entrance to their homes the shrines of the Virgin Mary. We felt great and safe there.

During our stay there was a movie festival with movies filmed on the island. You could listen to the tour guides who followed the footage of the film’s characters, and watched the projection. It was primarily about the movie “Talented Mr. Ripley” mentioned above, but also “Il Postino” and “Island of Arthur”.

I heartily recommend this small island, only 40 minutes from Naples. Every Italian lover will feed his soul for a long time.

Procida wyspa koło Neapolu, Kampania

I must add big thank you Agnieszka for such a great description and a big package of valuable information.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments under this post, I will try to answer each and every advice. I am also very happy to read about your experience traveling through Italy, confidently sharing information, they will certainly help those who are planning to leave.

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