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The best pizza in the world is eaten in Naples, that’s for sure – every pizza fan know it. But being on the spot, you could be dizzy because of premises serving this dish is countless. Which one to choose? I present to you a subjective list of six best Neapolitan pizzerias according to Italia-by-Natalia. In each of them, and I ate at least once. Prices, addresses, photos, waiting time for a table. Everything you need to know about pizza before traveling to Naples and the falling in February the International Pizza Day! See for yourself!

Pizza margherita – the symbol of Italy

To write how many times I was so far in Naples, I had to first count it. Well, it turned out that over four years was eight visits. Sometimes for a few days, sometimes just passing through, on one day, but always, without exception, such trip in my case ends (or begins) at the pizzeria. Just being in Naples would be a crime not to eat the most famous dishes of the world that here, in the shadow of Vesuvius, born many years ago. When exactly? It’s widely assumed, that this took place in 1889. The classic margherita consisting of dough and tomato sauce mozzarella and fresh basil, the three components in the colors of the Italian flag sprinkled at the end of extra virgin olive oil, created by man named Raffaele Esposito in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy in Italy and the King Umberto I, who came to visit. Esposito was working in the premises Pietro Il Pizzaiolo, now known as Pizzeria Brandi, so it shall be considered the place where born margherita.

Pizza fritta -fried gold of Naples

Everyone knows margherita baked wood-burning furnace, but few have heard about pizza fritta – fried in deep oil, which today is a typical item in the menu of Neapolitan street food, and in the years of WWII and shortly after it was one of the main dishes eaten by starving community center, barely make ends meet. The same components that are used in the traditional pizzas, in the fitta are “closed” by another layer of dough and the whole is thrown into the hot oil. Exactly. Oil, even in those difficult years was readily available and cheap, and cooked in such a way pizza is much more calories inside and thus satiated for longer. From experience I can say, that even very hungry, I always have a problem to eat whole one. You have to try fritta – is delicious, crispy and golden color gives it an appetizing appearance. Note for foodies! Immediately after cutting, you can easily burn your tongue;) Below I’ve add a short video showing making proces of fritta in the famous pizzeria Starita a Materdei.

Neapolitan Pizza – what you need to know

n 2016, the European Union took over the protection of traditional Neapolitan pizza. the pizza shouldn’t have more than 35 cm in diameter and 2 cm high around the edges, and the components can only come from the Campania region. Pizza can be baked only in the wood-fired oven in temp. of 400°C to be ready after 90 seconds, because after that time the dough begins to be harden. Also it must be flexible and soft, easily consist of a double triangle. The quality of the products used in the manufacture of specialty watches Neapolitan Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the organization aims to preserve the authenticity of this pizza. A few years ago, the brand “Neapolitan pizza” tried to buy foreign companies, to place the proprietary name for the today pizzasimilar frozen products sold in supermarkets. Further more to protect, but also distribute real pizza from Naples, Italy reported it as a candidate for inclusion to the UNESCO list. Results in 2017.

Top 6 best pizzerias of Naples2

I took into consideration:

pierwsza papierowa książka

1. Taste
2. The price
3. The length of the expected queue for a table (the longer, the better).

number 6 – Pizzeria Brandi


I was here once in December 2013.

1. Taste – good
2. The price – from 7.50 euros per margherita
3. The length of the expected queue for a table – a table of hand

Brandi, the most famous, the cradle of Neapolitan pizza, why it’s in the last place? Since each pizzeria shown in this list is in my opinion better. First, Brandi isn’t tastiest. Second – price. Since for margherita have to pay twice as much as in Sorbillo, I thank you very much, even a table of hand isn’t able to convince me, I prefer to wait an hour on the street. This doesn’t mean that I advise against a visit to this famous pizzeria. No account. There’s elegantly, even in comparison with Sorbillo or Da Michele, is a cool climate, and feel the history at every step. However, please set that Brandi goes largely on the reputation and tourism. Unfortunately. Locals here is not likely to meet.






number 5 – Pizzeria Trianon da Ciro


I was here once in September 2014.

1. Taste – very good
2. The price – from 4.5 euros per Margherita
3. The length of the expected queue for a table – a table of hand

Trianon da Ciro is a sizable two-level pizzeria, located opposite the famous Da Michele. Pizza is very tasty, to the bill is added coperto (fee for service). I don’t know whether it will be someone among you as crazy as I am, who goes with his dog to Naples, but if so you should know, that in the Trianon da Ciro quadrupeds are welcome.





number 4 – Pizzeria Di Matteo


I’ve been here twice: in June 2012 and December 2013.

1. Taste – very good
2. The price – from 4.0 euros
3. The length of the expected queue for a table – a table of hand

More about the pizzeria Di Matteo can be found in the post, which is linked below (unfortunately, only in Polish – for now 🙂

Pizzeria Di Matteo. Bill Clinton wie, co dobre. Dzień 3, część I

number 3 – Starita a Materdei


I’ve been here twice: in June 2012 and September 2013.

1. Taste – a revelation!
2. The price fritty – 6 euro, the price of 4 euros margherita
3. The length of the expected queue for a table – a table of the week hand over the weekend approx. 30 min

More about the pizza starita a Materdei find the post, which is linked below (unfortunately, only in Polish – for now 🙂

number 2 – L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele


I’ve been here twice: in June 2012 and December 2013.

1. Taste – a revelation!!

2. The price – from 4.0 euros

3. The length of the expected queue for a table – about 20 minutes

More about Da Michele pizzeria can be found in the post, which is linked below (unfortunately, only in Polish – for now 🙂

Neapol. Pizzeria Da Michele – margherita z Julią Roberts. Dzień 2, część II

NUMBER 1 – Pizzeria Sorbillo


© Gino Sorbillo

I was here once in March 2016.

1. Taste – a revelation!!! ATOMIC TASTE
2. Price – 3.70 euro
3. The length of the expected queue for a table –  more less an hour
More about pizzeria Sorbillo can be found in the post, which is linked below.

Naples. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo – in the temple of of Italian pizza

If you have any questions, please, ask them in the comments on this post, I will try to answer each and advise. I’ll be happy to read your experiences, the weather in Sicily, go ahead and share the information, I’m sure it will help those just planning to go there 😉

Photo at the beginning of the post © Gino Sorbillo.

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