Campania. Over the roofs of the historic center of Naples

Look at this view. Historical center of Naples seen from the height of the twelfth floor. Roofs of townhouses, church dome, harbor cranes, in the distant Sorrento Coast and the famous Capri. Will you believe me if I write that such a view extends out of a window in a small, modest bathroom? This’s Naples, a city of contrasts that will never ceases to amaze me. During each trip I discover them again, unfortunately not always positive. Want to see more? If you want to guard your face like I did I invite you!

I had such excitement during my March trip to Campania, when at the last day before departure I stopped in the historical center of Naples. Below I present the views from the balcony in the opposite direction than the view from the first photo, so, while taking photos I had the sea behind my back. This hillside is Capodimonte, and Capodichino Airport is a bit to the right.

Views at late evening. This illuminated street below is via Floria, marking the northwestern centro storico.

Okay, now you’re wondering why this post is weird and from where I took the pictures. I thought I could recommend to you the next great hostel I chose because of the views. The reviews also had nothing in it. But unfortunately, I do not remember having any B & B / hotel stirred in me so mixed feelings like Nel Cuore di Parthenope ever. Nice clean room, decent bathroom (first photo comes from the bathroom of another room) and good location on the border of the old town and close to the metro station. That’s all. On the website, where I made the reservation, it says that the building is equipped with a lift. Yes, the lift is there, but only from the second floor and in addition to pay. I’m not complain and irritate about the damn 5 cents you have to spend on the ride, but for the fact that you still have to have themin the pocket! In addition, you need to reach the lift door. As someone traveling with a hand luggage is not a problem, but this time I was traveling alone and I still carried a luggage weighing 27 kg (I returned from the event in cooperation with the company Sposa Mediterranea). When I miraculously climbed to the second floor (high floors = third floor in a standard building) with this junk and I had to pay for it with the pain of my hands, legs and spine, I found out that I did not have damn five cent coin and should go back to town to change the cash. As if that was not enough the front desk girl did not understand the problem, claiming that there was a shed on the ground floor, where the older woman was changing the money to the elevator. First of all, how the hell did I know that, and secondly the lady just took a break for a dinner. I’ve really got used to the Italian quirks (especially in Naples), but this information, including that the elevator can and does work, but only from the second floor should be on the site of the B&B. As a result, I waited near the damn elevator like a beggar waiting for people who have a coin and will go upstairs taking me. But it’s not everything. Service is another fairy tale.

Automatic cash machine in elevator. The best part is that you only have to pay from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 13:30 and from 16:30 to 19:30.

My room with an amazing view of Naples.

My room


The two young girls who served me at the receptio desk were another issue. None of them spoke English well, the first one was better, but she didn’t really understand what I’m saying, the other didn’t understand anything at all. Because I paid right after accommodation to get it out of my head, in the morning I experienced another stress realizing that the star took the money but she didn’t give me the bill. Fortunately, they didn’t order me to pay again, but the invoice I was supposed to receive by e-mail wasn’t received until today. Returning to the first girl. Imagine that you got up very early, tired you get after the trip and such hits to your room, finally pulling out on the bed wanting to rest for an hour before you start the city tour and imagine the girl from the reception (behind the wall of the room) loudly twist of the music. And I wasn’t the only guest, in front of me was an older married couple. And at the end, like a little thing, but I get stuck because they pissed me off. Breakfast. Apparently can be ordered in the room. The reality is that it’s served at the bar across the street. Classic coffee and something sweet, as in the case of breakfast bar. If someone doesn’t like sweet for the first meal, I advise to against it.

But if you like bars and good Italian food I would recommend “Made in Sud” even if you are passing by. They serve wonderful crema di caffè, and the large portion costs only 2 euro, which is a good price. I love it!

Starting from the end to report you about my last trip to Campania I cann’t mention that I visited a lot of great places and you will be able to read more soon.

If you have any questions, please, ask them in the comments on this post, I will try to answer each and advise. I’ll be happy to read your experiences, the weather in Sicily, go ahead and share the information, I’m sure it will help those who just planning to go there 😉

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