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Wybrzeże Amalfi gdzie zjeść

Everyone who comes to Italy wants to try the vaunted – and recognized as the best in the world – Italian cuisine. Does in the country with such a rich culinary traditions you can eat tasteless? Unfortunately, yes, I myself a couple of times I ate badly. Therefore, always very keen on the blog I give the coordinates of the places where I lived unforgettable moments, both in terms of accommodation, active leisure time and gastronomy. In this post I will present to you six checked my restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, where delicious food is just one of the attractions, next to the cool climate and beautiful views. I invite you!

Author of the text: Natalia

Ravello – Ristorante Bella Vista sul Mare (Hotel Bonadies)

The best known restaurant on the Amalfi Coast, because I ate there several times and each time I was delighted. Dishes delicious, the service was very nice, large room, elegant and bright, and the view from the terrace, where in the season are set tables, breathtaking.






Restaurant Bella Vista sul Mare is a part of the four-star Hotel Bonadies, existing in Ravello continuously since 1880, having a long history and having a list of distinguished guests such as Angelina Jolie, which one day many years ago came to the Bella Vista restaurant to eat lunch, dressed in jeans, baseball cap and with no makeup. Why here? Perhaps the secret lies in the rules prevailing at the hotel. Famous guests have the same treatment as the other guests, not asking them for autographs, they can feel at ease with us – told me Suita Carrano Bonadies, the owner of Hotel Bonadies and great-granddaughter of the founder.



Trofie pasta with seafood, which in ristorante Bella Vista sul Mare stole my heart so much that came back home with me. It’s a pity, that in Poland seafood is not as good as in Italy.

pierwsza papierowa książka


Cold pasta? Why not!


Risotto with seafood and artichokes from the image above, surprised me, it was very delicious.

Website Ristorante Bella vista sul Mare


Ravello – Ristorante Raffaele (Hotel Parsifal)


Here is another hotel with a restaurant, that allows to feed not only the body but also the senses, with a long history. Parsifal was decorated in 1948 in a former Augustinian monastery, that was built 660 years earlier. Old building with an atmosphere, surrounded by lush vegetation and breathtaking views, boasts excellent cuisine served in the restaurant Raffaele. Due to the popularity of the place, the high season is recommended to book the table.


Trofie with clams and zucchini, very original and delicious combination


Chicken fillet with tomatoes, spinach and baked potato puree


This cake just looks so inconspicuous. Its taste, combined with pear mousse, impressed all the guests, that evening

Web site Ristorante Raffaele

Atrani – Ristorante Le Arcate

Located right on the beach in Atrani restaurant Le Arcate amazed me not only with a view of the town, but most of all amazed me the interior and excellent cuisine specializing in seafood. What’s unusual is inside? The hall of the restaurant is located partly in the grotto, and the other part under the arches of stone structure, on which someone led the road. The decoration refers to the sea and fishing, under the ceiling hanging fishing nets, ropes and anchors.

Le Arcate Atrani 7526833
Le Arcate Atrani 7526832
In the summer tables are set before the restaurant, so you can also order food directly to your sun lounger on the beach. Well, food. Well, food. In Le Arcate I spent fantastic evening in the company of my friends, when I was in mid-March on the Amalfi Coast as a guest of Sposa Mediterranea, a company that organizes weddings in Italy. Because the restaurant Le Arcate offers a special events, including weddings, often combined with a wedding ceremony right next to the beach, me and my companions were invited to a gala dinner at Le Arcate. Good wine flowed freely, and the tables groaned under delicious and various dishes of seafood. The only thing – dish of course – you can skip at Le Arcate is a pizza, which in the vicinity of Naples has never happened. Maybe this evening the Chef just did’t have the inspiration to do pizza. But other dishes … tastes heavenly! Yummy!






And finally – served before dessert and limoncello – a dish, that conquered my heart. Fried in deep fat with breadcrumbs, freshly and juicy mix of seafood, served in a paper cone: gamberi (shrimps), calamari (squids) and polpo (octopuses).


Strona internetowa Ristorante Le Arcate


Conca dei Marini (Grotta Smeralda) – Ristorante Calajanara

Here’s the perfect place for a great meal in a lovely venue, without having to cross any of the towns. Located on the famous Amalfi road, next to the descent to the Emerald Grotto the restaurant Calajanara Ristorante Calajanara has a great location, style and exquisite cuisine. In the high season reservation is required, in low season also, if you want to eat enjoying the view from the windows.



web site Ristorante Calajanara


Maiori – Ristorante Torre Normana

Norman Tower is the oldest tower on the Amalfi Coast, built in the years 1250 – 1300 in order to observe the ships of invaders. Roberto Rossellini filmed a few scenes for the movie “Paissa”,  he also visited this tower with Ingrid Bergman in the 50s. The tower is an extremely charming place, where tourists can watch from the tower terrace view of Maiori and a large fragment of the Amalfi Coast. In the bottom right guest can find a small beach with the stairs leading directly to the restaurant. Because Norman Tower specializes in sumptuous wedding ceremonies, the beach gives a plenty of opportunity, such as the arrival to the ceremony of bride with or without groom from the sea side.



I must admit, that in all recommended – in this post – places the restaurant Torre Norman amazed me the most in terms of attention to the appearance of meals, which was served to me. Not surprisingly, that in the list of famous guests you can find such great names as Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell, Carlo Buccirsso, Biagio Antonacci and Lucio Dalla.

web site Ristorante Torre Normana

Maiori – Ristorante Il Faro di Capo d’Orso (jedna gwiazdka Michelin)


The history of the restaurant Il Faro di Capo d’Orso begins in the thirties of the twentieth century, when the grandfather of the present owner – Luigi – returned to the Amalfi Coast after many years he spent in the United States. He brought with him a car brand Balilla and the money, that allowed him to buy a large piece of land located in Capo d’Orso, 6 km southeast of the town of Maiori, overgrown with oak trees. The beauty of this place appreciated Roberto Rossellini, creating on it shooting plan for the movie “Love” with Anna Magnani starring. Using his car’s grandfather Luigi earned money as a taxi driver. His son Bonaventure in 1950, arranged part of his father land and began working as a restaurateur, with the help of his mother and sister.


Il Faro di Capo d’Orso is the only restaurant of this list, in which my meal was limited only to cheese and prosecco. However, I decided to recommend this place to readers for several reasons. Firstly, the quality of food served here appreciated prestigious Michelin by giving The Star. Secondly, the beautiful location of the restaurant, on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea, surrounded by greenery and with wonderful views of a significant section of the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Galli islands. And finally, sympathetic owner, which I had the pleasure to meet, is very positive about the Poles, loves our country, knows Krakow well, and few years ago organized a party for one of the Ministers of the Polish Government, however, he could not remember his name.







web site Ristorante Il Faro di Capo d’Orso

Post is the result of cooperation with the company Sposa Mediterranea, on the invitation of which we stayed for ten days on the Amalfi Coast and Cilento Coast in March 2016.
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