Sirolo in Marche – the Adriatic pearl on the white cliff

Sirolo Riviera del Conero wybrzeże adriatyckie środkowe Włochy Marche

White cliffs overgrown with fragrant pine forests, falling steeply into the azure sea, surrounding vast beaches. A small town with medieval roots, located on a hill, from which are beautiful views of the Adriatic coast, as well as excellent cuisine and a well-developed tourist base. Here’s the recipe for an unforgettable vacation at the Italian seaside. Getting to know Sirolo, the jewel of the Conero Regional Park.

The town of Sirolo

One could say the location values of Sirolo – venued in the heart of the picturesque Riviera del Conero – have already been appreciated by cavemen, as evidenced by prehistoric rock paintings and arrowheads made of flint, found at the top of Monte Conero, estimated for about one hundred thousand years. Sirolo appeared on maps in 1560, when a small settlement on the top of a white cliff falling steeply into the sea was named after Sirius, one of the leaders of the Byzantine army of Justinian, commanded by General Flavius Belisarius, who controlled the area after winning the Goths a thousand years earlier.

Today’s Sirolo is a very charming town that is vibrant with life during the summer. Tourists who come here can enjoy not only beautiful beaches and clean sea. Almost at your fingertips are walking and trekking routes in the forests and hills of the Conero Regional Park, ensuring contact with nature and escape from the crowds. The picturesque streets of Sirolo delighted me with their charm in the second half of November last year, when I visited the Marche region for the first time. The weather was very good that day, it was warm and cheerful, and the golden leaves still hanging on the trees glistened in the sun. Although autumn has already come to a good end in Central Italy, in many flower pots, and on the green squares, flowers have blossomed me in full bloom. See how beautiful autumn can be in Italy.


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Viewpoint from Sirolo to the hills of the Conero Park

Splendide Terrazze del Conero at Piazzale Marino is a place that is difficult to miss while walking around Sirolo, but just in case I put a map below. A nicely landscaped terrace, or rather a small promenade, offers not only beautiful views but also several benches facing the sea. At this point, there is also the beginning of one of the paths leading down to the beach.

Beaches in Sirolo

The entire coast of the Conero Park offers beautiful beaches. Some of them are only accessible from the sea, but you don’t need your own boat to reach them. In cities, transfer and pickup services are provided in the afternoon. However, in Sirolo itself, there are two beautiful beaches, pebble, and sand: Urbani and San Michele. You can go down the paths leading from the town, while the first one – the Urbani beach – can be reached by car. Parking, however, is small, paid, and there are no places for everyone in the season. San Michele beach cannot be reached by car, it runs a road there but traffic is prohibited for unauthorized vehicles. You can, however, walk from the Urbani beach.

Urbani beach

Ankona Ancona Riwiera Conero Sirolo plaże wybrzeze adriatyckie Włochy

The Urbani beach is smaller than San Michele, it’s located directly under the town and can be reached by car.

San Michele beach

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At the San Michele beach, there is a very good restaurant – Ristorante da Silvio – where you can eat, among others fish and frutti di mare on the terrace overlooking the beach and the sea.

Where to eat in Sirolo? Ristorante della Rossa

I have eaten many times in Italy in excellent restaurants, even in a restaurant with a Michelin star. There are many pubs in Trentino, Campania, Tuscany, Marche, and Sicily, to which I am very happy to return. However, only some of them were so memorable that I would be willing to put up several dozen kilometers and especially come for dinner and supper. One of such places is Ristorante della Rosa in Sirolo. Above all, the kitchen, and especially the excellent seafood. Fantastic in taste, beautifully served, just heaven in my mouth. The place itself is stylish and well-kept. In the season you can sit on the terrace overlooking the sea, but without a reservation, it is very difficult to get a table.

Where to sleep in Sirolo?

The accommodation base in Sirolo and surrounding towns are very extensive. In the town and just next to it you will find both luxury hotels, as well as modest pensions and camping. I stayed in the apartment complex near the nearby town of Camerano, more of which I wrote in the link below about Ancona. There, I also provide contact to B & B run by a Polish woman, located a bit south of the Conero Park.

Ancona on the Adriatic Coast – what to see? Where to eat? Where to sleep?

How to get to Sirolo by public transport?

You can reach Sirolo from Ancona by bus lines RE1 and RE2 from the Piazza Cavour stop.


You can download the map of bus connections in very high resolution on the carrier’s website

Below is the RE1 bus schedule for holidays and days off from school in 2018:

  • od 29/03/2018 do 03/04/2018,
  • od 09/06/2018 do 15/09/2018,
  • od 02/11/2018 do 02/11/2018,
  • od 24/12/2018 do 05/01/2019.


Timetables for other bus lines traveling around the towns near Ancona and the line described above in other periods of the year can be found here.

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The article was created in cooperation with the Marche region

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