Italia by drone. Italy saw from a bird’s eye view

italia z drona Sycylia Levanzo

In May 2018, I started a new, large and ambitious project of filming and photographing Italy from a bird’s eye view. You probably associate single movies or photos of Sicily seen from above, which I have already published. I haven’t mentioned, however, what the project “Italia by drone” is and what you can expect. More about this in the articl below, and by the way, I tell just a little in the subject of my plans for the future. Come and see!

Italia with the drone – idea, assumptions, implementation

The idea of ​​filming and photographing Italy from a bird’s eye was born in my mind in July 2017, when I was preparing the longest last year’s trip to Italy. I thought then that it would be nice to show you something more than classic photos. Some foreign bloggers already used drones, as well as several Polish travel bloggers who visit and film in Italy. I began to delve into the subject but soon realized that I still had to wait. For what? First of all, the opportunity to buy better equipment and to learn. The decision was difficult, but just: start (literally and figuratively) in 2018. Initially, I did not have a specific plan, I wanted to shoot and photograph, and the material to use in blog posts and social media. However, when the equipment has already appeared, I experienced the best, which possibilities give me a fantastic device, the idea came suddenly and I liked it a lot. I decided to create an interactive map of Italy with marked places, which I filmed from a bird’s eye view. Each point contains a link to the video on YouTube and you just have to click on it and watch a flight in the venue. This, of course, is not a raw material, specifically disguised, trimmed and assembled. I also choose music for every movie. After the next YouTube clip is published, it will be attached to the map. Of course, I won’t fill the map in a few or a dozen or so months, but this year there should be points from other regions of Italy. I called this project “Italia with a drone”.

Italia with a drone – where to look for movies and photos?

italia dron wlochy lot ptaka

Macari, western Sicily

I will post links to YouTube videos on the interactive map of Italy, but that doesn’t mean that you need to look here and browse the map every day to find out about new recordings. The map is for those who at the moment would like to quickly check if material from the interesting part of Italy has already appeared. Every day I encourage you to follow social media, in which I show Italy from the drone:

Italia with a drone – an interactive map of Italy from a bird’s eye view

Not just Italy from a bird’s eye view. My new projects

What’s next? I’ll tell you only that “Italia with the drone” is the first of the big projects that I’m preparing. I don’t like to talk about my plans, which is why I’ll only tell you that later this month you will learn about the next big challenge I set for myself. I’m sure I’ll positively surprise you. Everything points to the fact this year will be a breakthrough for Italia by Natalia. Keep your fingers crossed for now.

pierwsza papierowa książka

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