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Italian railways. Some people like it, others hate it. It is fast, clean, usually air-conditioned, it’s lacking in the punctuality and often providing additional attractions, while nearby sits person (usually a woman) who wants to discuss over the phone the personal problems with a friend screaming so loudly, that after finishing a trip know them all the passengers from the carriage ( I love this country). Despite this, the Italian railways can be very helpful in traveling around Italy and relatively inexpensive, especially if you buy tickets on the Internet. I invite you!

Author: Artur

Ok, sitting at home you made the decision – this time in Italy, we focus on railways. Because it’s cheap, because it’s convenient, because we will be away from the Italian traffic. What’s next? While sitting at the computer, we open a browser and enter on, and our eyes will see the home page:


Of course, the default language is set to Italian, which can be easy – in the upper right corner – switch to English. For us the most important thing is the search engine window, marked in the picture framed in green. When you change the language to English, you’ll see:

druga papierowa książka


Suppose that we are interested in travel on the route Roma Termini – Napoli Centrale. Let’s mark it. Regardless of whether or not we are interested in a one way ticket or return, type in the field names of cities From Roma Termini To: Napoli Centrale – you must enter the Italian name of the cities. We complement the calendar fields, type the number of persons and children (in the example I took into account the departure date 17/07/16, back a week later, ie. 24/07/16, and tickets for two adults) and click the SEARCH button. Another window appears with a list of available connections.


Suppose we choose a cheaper option which is Intercity 555 at. 14:26. As you can see in the window marked in the lower corner by “+” Prices start from € 18 for two people one way. Now we click on the “+”. When you click please notice, that the window developed (here I marked them in green) and the available options are:


A few words of explanation. As I wrote in a post on the high-speed trains we have a choice of several price tariffs:

  • Super Economy – really cheap, but as usual promotions – there’s a catch, or even two. First of all, tickets in that tariff are usually limited the number off sites which are selling really fast, and secondly – after buying the ticket we need to make that very train, because when you’ll be late you will lose your ticket and money. Adviceis one. Buy the ticket on the train with time reserve for unforeseen circumstances, eg. a delayed flight, traffic jams in the city, etc .;
  • Economy – as you can see in this tariff tickets are more than twice as expensive and ofcource seats are limited, but we have the ability to change the ticket. Until the departure of the train, we can change the date and time on the same type of train.
  • Warning! There shall be no change in the ticket from Intercity train to Le Frecce! Remember, for changing the date and time of departure you will be charged an additional fee to complement the price of the ticket fare Base!
  •  Base – standard ticket price, which also pay at the ticket office station. After purchasing a ticket to the departure time of the train is permitted for no extra charge to change the earlier call. After the departure of the train change is permitted ONLY ONCE and only for one hour!

So much of theory. We assume, that will be ready on train at 14:26, finally the ticket will cost only € 9 per person. We click the button CONTINUE.


Choosing fare has been confirmed at moving tab, moving along with the cursor marked here in green.
The next step is the selection of a return ticket. Note, that for Intercity train 556 departing at 15:31 there are no tickets available in the tariff Super Economy, and therefore worth considering option seems Frecciarossa, as this has the cheapest tariff tickets costing as much as tickets for Intercity expensive teriff. It should be noted, that travel time of Frecciaroossa from Napoli Centrale to Roma Termini is almost half as long. Ok. I take a train at 15:00 for 38 € for two people, I proceed as I described above. Prepare your credit card.


It redirects me to a window summarizing our journey. We introduction missing data, for that we have a limited time of about 6 minutes! After that, we will not be able to complete the purchase of the ticket, because the history of the page expires. We’ll have to start from begining. So, first check in the box on the right, that your made choices are appropriate and proceed to supplement the data. Select “Go on without log in” – without pre-login and enter passenger data. In this particular case, we give email address and phone to John and Anna Kowalski. We check again the accuracy of data and go down for payment. Select the option “Use credit card or prepaid card”, choose an operator eg. PayPal and click the button CONTINUE. In next step we’ll be transfer to PayPal website and finishing transaction with a credit card payment or bank transfer – these steps are well known probably to everyone. If you have doubt ask me in a commentary below the text. Have a nice journey 🙂
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