By car, by ferry and by train. In other words how Grzanka returned home

Nearly 4,000 km through land and sea, by car, ferry and train. A dozen completely earlier unfamiliar people involved in this journey, hundreds e-mails, shares on Facebook, comments, thousands of people interested in her fate. Described by me story of Grzanka, Polish female dog wishing to return home from Sicily touched you a few months ago, to this level, that it managed to do what seemed impossible. Grzanka month ago returned home to Poland and is happy with her family.

July 3, 2016 r. on a blog was published this post describing the history of Grzanka, link below.

Sicily, Wanda and Grzanka, the story without a happy ending

Post on Facebook. Your response was great. Over a hundred shares, and dozens of comments, among them the advice,s what can we do and where to turn. On that time was already the most important one. My namesake, Natalia, wrote that ther’s the guy who provides Wroclaw restaurant “Vivere Italiano” with products from Italy and every two weeks goes by car to Sicily. It was a bullseye.


Remained to determine the details and the date of a possible journey with the Mr. Sebastian, as well as transportation for Grzanka from Cassibile near Syracuse, where she lived with a temporary guardian to Palermo, where Mr. Sebastian had to take her over and together had set off a ferry to Livorno, then drive to Krakow.

druga papierowa książka

Stage I Cassibile – Siracusa (September 5th)

To Syracuse Grzanka has provided her temporary guardian, together with the documents and the money for the trip. There doggie was picked up and spend the night with my friends Ola and Salvo, and the next day drove Grzanka to Catania, where she was took over by Viola.


Grzanka at Ola and Salvo home.


Grzanka at Ola and Salvo home.


Grzanka at Ola and Salvo home.


Grzanka at Ola and Salvo home.


Grzanka at Ola and Salvo home.


Stage II Siracusa – Palermo September 6th

Next morning Ola and Salvo drove Grzanka to Catania, where she was took over by Viola. Viola didn’t plan to go that day to Palermo, went there specifically to carry Grzanka. But she could only go in the morning and arrive at noon, and Mr. Sebastian had to take her over in the evening. With the help came living in Palermo Kasia, who took care of a Grzanka till evening where  Mr. Sebastian took her over.


Grzanka goes with Ola and Salvo to Catania.


Grzanka goes with Ola and Salvo to Catania.


Grzanka in Catania awaits for Viola.


Grzanka in Catania awaits for Viola.


Grzanka in the way from Catania to Palermo with Viola.


Grzanka in Palermo on a walk with Kasia.


Grzanka in Palermo on a walk with Kasia.


Grzanka in Palermo on a walk with Kasia. Moment later , she leaves Sicily.


Stage III Palermo – Livorno – Krakow

(6th-8th September)

The most difficult part of the journey. There were concerns about whether or not the documents of Grzanka will be sufficient to embark her on the ferry, which take takes eighteen hours trip to Livorno in Tuscany. Fortunately, there were no problems, but on the ferry Grzanka had to go into the cage, which initially didn’t want to accept. The ferry departed at 23:30, and at Livorno was next day at 17:30. From that time until the next morning grzanka with Mr. Sebastian drove by car to Krakow.


Grzanka travels with Mr. Sebastian from Livorno to Kracow.


Stage V Krakow – Swinoujscie (8th-9th September)

At that time, Wanda was on her way from Swinoujscie by night train to Krakow. She took Grzanka over in the morning and they boarded a train to the next day, September 9th, at 10 am cross the threshold of their home in Swinoujscie. Wanda remembers train trip:

“When it comes to the first meeting with Grzanka, I’ve to say that she was very distracted, obviously she enjoyed as she saw me, but only on the train after several hours; she began to look at me with such happy eyes.”


Grzanka, Wanda and her son together at home.


On a beach in Swinoujscie.


On a beach in Swinoujscie.


On a beach in Swinoujscie.


On a beach in Swinoujscie.

Below is an excerpt of an email from Wanda to me:

“You know when you organized the return for Grzanka,
I was such a positive attitude, I knew and believed that it must succeed.
In general, I was not afraid, probably because with the girls was great contact, and of Mr. Sebastian
from the beginning seemed very responsible man.
When I talked with the girls, when they had already Grzanka at home and they spoke about her so warm, I cannt say anything, I had tears in my eyes and the proverbial lump in my throat.
We have a great compatriots abroad. People who help at any price.
It was amazing action, all played well. I am glad that everything ended up on my thoughts. That no one hurt Grzanka, but showed her huge heart.”

On behalf of myself, Wanda and grzanka thank all those who in any way involved in helping Grzanka, even by like / reaction or providing post on Faceboook. This is very important, because the politics of this medium looks like more popular is the post, to more people will display it, which is extremely important in this type of actions. Special thanks go to Mr. Sebastian, Kasi, Viola, Oli and Salvo and Natalia and Emillia from restaurant Vivere Italiano in Wroclaw. I’m happy and moved, even today, when I write this post, even though emotions have subsided. At such times I feel most strongly that leading blog I’m doing something important. But this blog is primarily YOU. You are awesome. Thank you ALL!

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