Autumn in Italy. Why should you go to Italy in September, October, November and December?

The golden and red vineyards and hills of Tuscany, Umbria or Marche, the warm water and empty beaches of Puglia, Calabria or Sardinia, few tourists and lower prices on the crowded Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre seasons, rusty red leaves against still green meadows and white peaks of the Dolomites or maybe the huge amount of seasonal fruits, pleasant temperatures and the second spring in Sicily? Italy in September, October, November, early December. What are the pros and cons of travel in these months? What weather and what landscapes can you expect?

When the July calendar gives a way to August, and the days are slowly becoming shorter, we are starting with worry to think about the end of the Summer. But does the season for great trips close with the first ring at schools? Nothing like that. Particularly in Italy September, October, November, and even the beginning of December are months offering a lot of attractions, poisoning visitors, photography, food and sunbathing, which in the southern regions of the country with good aura can be practiced even till the early days of November. Personally, I love September in Italy. For six years I didn’t set barefoot on the Italian land in July or August because it’s too hot and too crowded for me and prices are sometimes dizzy. What can you expect in September? Almost everything is the best! Temperature is moderate, usually very warm, but not too hot. Rains appear more often, though they don’t dominate. Seasonal fruits are screaming to us from the stalls. Imagine the taste! I will never forget the grapes I ate in Puglia in September. Purchased it from the trike in Ostuni, just taken from the tree, the best I have ever had in my mouth. Citrus on trees are in full bloom, so that they can reach full maturity in early December and land on market stalls. Beaches, excluding resorts, are almost empty, although very warm water in the sea is ideal for long baths. PugliaCalabriaAmalfi Coast, Sardinia or Siciliy offers ideal conditions for sunbathing, sometimes until the beginning of November.


Polignano a Mare, Puglia,October 4 © Jean-Lø Phøtø




Gallipoli, Puglia,September 26 © AaronP65



Tropea,September 21

pierwsza papierowa książka



Tropea, September 21

About Autumn on the Amalfi Coast Malgorzata Ewa Mikrut, who has been living in Sorrento for 20 years, says: “Of course in the low-season there are fewer hotels and restaurants with less attraction for tourist’s. But when the weather is nice and warm on Amalfi Coast you can take sunbath untill November. An example is last year, but I remember also previous years – it was similar. All structures on the beach are open from June to October. For those who love active tourism and want to explore Il Sentiero degli Dei or Valle delle Ferriere are the perfect months, the trails are not difficult, but in summer the weather is too hot for such expeditions. The summer heat of tourists doesn’t allow us to see and feel the unique atmosphere of this place. The best way to get to know the Amalfi Coast is to relax in peace, in the midst of the locals, try to learn their culture and habits.”

October and November are the perfect months for photography lovers. The wonderful colors offered the Dolomites, Umbria, Marche or the photography no.1- Tuscany. The yellow-red leaves of the vine dominate the landscape of the Chianti hills, and curve cypresses ways twiste in the Val d’Orcia fields, alternating between green, yellow and brown, in the characteristic shade of the burnt soil, in the evenings and in the mornings, with the distinctive mist. I have written about the most beautiful scenic spots before, giving precise directions to venues where genuine postcard panoramas can be shot. Take a look at this post. And when you want to relax while exploring, the ideal place is one of the four hot springs.
Toskania-Sinalunga-jesien-pazdziernikSinalunga, Val d’Orcia, Tuscany, October 27 © Gordon Baldwin


Vineyards near Castellina in Chianti, Tuscany, October 27 © Mike Robinson


Val d’Orcia, Tuscany, November 4 © Ralph Kränzlein



Pitigliano, Tuscany, December 7 © Fabrizio Lunardi

Sorano, |November 5 © Aleksandr Naumenko 

San Gimignano jesień autumn

San Gimignano, November 7 © Antonio Cinotti 

monticchiello cyprysowa droga toskania val d'orcia włochy tuscany italy cypresses road

Monticchiello, Val d’Orcia, September 24 

val d'orcia toskania włochy tuscany italy

Val d’Orcia, September 24 

Does September, October, November and the beginning of December is a good time to explore? Definitely yes! First and foremost, other people are definitely less at that time, the sun is not so hot anymore, and the temperatures do not cause rapid fatigue. Also, the light that falls in the autumn on city buildings is completely different. Mild, with a different angle, can show the same place in a completely different scene. Look at the wonderful pictures of Cinque Terre made on November 12 last year.
Manarola-Cinque-Terre-jesień-LiguriaManarola © Stephan H

Manarola-Cinque-Terre-jesieńManarola © Stephan H


Vernazza © Stephan H

Vernazza © Stephan H


Riomaggiore © Stephan H

Ideal months to visit the towns of Puglia and the Basilicata, including Matera and the UNESCO Sassi rocky districts appear to be September, October and November. Marta Erdini, a Pole living in Matera, a guide to the Basilicata region, says: “Autumn is one of the best times of the year for a trip to the Basilicata – let’s start with a lower, more favorable temperature. Still, the weather allows for swimming in the Sea, and if you do not like the crowds on the beach, then in September you can enjoy the charms of the coast (in Basilicata the sandy Ionic or Tyrrhenian seaside) with peace and quiet. However, this is primarily reserved to the seaside resorts – the main tourist attractions September is still full-season all the time, so do not expect empty squares and alleys, for example, while side seeing the rocky districts of Sassi in Matera. For sure there are more months to come here – I would highly recommend October and November, which, due to the exceptional autumn light, was chosen by Mel Gibson when he was shooting in Matera “Passion of the Christ”. In addition to the autumn holidays, there are also festivals that will let you discover local specialties – I recommend the September taste of dried figs in Miglionico or mushroom picking in the Pollino National Park. In December, we are slowly starting to accompany the festive atmosphere – from 8.12 (Immacolata – Immaculate Conception) you can count on the events that start the Christmas season. The diversity of the autumn holiday in the Basilica will satisfy everyone!” By the way, Sicily in September, you can expect to experience transient and intense precipitation, which for the sun-burned soil is like a patch on a bleeding wound. But thanks to that, in October the island once again green and flowers with flowers, which through the city is called the second spring. The cons of traveling in Autumn are shorter days and cooler evenings and mornings. The suitcase must be properly packed, the think about taking a jacket, the sweater, the umbrella and waterproof shoes, but also t-shirts, sunglasses, and sunscreen. I will never forget to stay in Naples in mid-December. At noon the sun shone exceptionally intensely and the temperature reached 15 ºC.


Alberobello, Puglia, September 19 © Antonio Ciriello


Alberobello, Apulia, October © Danilo


Alberobello, Apulia, September 27th © AaronP65


Sant’Agata di Puglia, Alupia, October 1 © AaronP65



Did I convince you to travel to Italy in the autumn? I hope that those of you who have doubts and can afford to vacation during the school year will no longer be wondering. How best to organize such a trip? You can buy a plane ticket, because of cheap flights to Italy now we have record high. You can also get a car and move ahead, for example to Tuscany using my tips, which has a great advantage especially if you like to come back with lots of local delicacies.


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2 thoughts on “Autumn in Italy. Why should you go to Italy in September, October, November and December?”

  1. Thanks Natalia for the photos and the tips! however, the last 4 photos on this page don’t have a location and time of the photos taken. it’s so incredibly beautiful. Would you please find out and let me know? from my research, Sep and early Oct in Val d’orcia is not particular beautiful to me as the fields are mostly rust and tan and gate green are mostly gone.

    in the first of the last 4 photos here, the field is golden color. Is it Val d’orcia too? in which month? Late Oct or Nov? I really want to see the golden color of field in Val d’orcia and red leaves vineyard in Chianti area.

    please let me know. I’m planning our Autumn trip to Italy and East Europe.

    1. How Camille,
      Thank you for your comment. The picture you ask for was taken at Val d’Orcia in mid-November. This is the famous Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta in San Quirico dOrcia. The last two photos are Dolomites – Val di Funes. Third from the end is Chianti. It’s not possible to answer your question clearly when the golden fields will be visible. Everything depends on the weather and precipitation. Tuscany in the Autumn is really beautiful and captivating. In this article, all photos marked in the bottom left corner with our logo were taken between September 10 and September 22. Below I add link to article from our site that may interest you. the article for now is only availablein Polish (we’re trying to translate every postr on the blog gradually) but it’s full of photos made in Tuscany in Autumn.
      Exact location of Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta in San Quirico dOrcia you’ll find in the article (available in English) and
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