Amalfi coast. Ravello – between sky and sea

There is such a town, where mountain slopes sprouting directly from the emerald sea forming suspended on the rock shelves lemon groves terraces, where between the winding roads and stone streets spreads out heavenly gardens planted with flowers, resounding with singing birds and cicadas. In a small workshops produced two local specialties: hand painted ceramics and delicious limoncello. “If among us exists somewhere particle memories of a lost paradise, this is it Ravello, suspended between sky and sea and full of poetry, in which nature and art intertwine the joy of man.”

Gino Tani “Il Messaggero” August 15, 1959 yr.,

Author: Natalia

Amalfi Coast, beautiful and picturesque, along it colorful towns wedged between the slopes near the small bays, the famous Positano, which made famous, due to the filming of the book “Under the Tuscan Sun” dignified Amalfi, tiny Atrani. And among them, or rather above them, high at 365 m, wonderfully located, small and quite quiet, the most beautiful of them all – Ravello.

Ravello – ceramics & limoncello

The origins of Ravello go back to probably early Middle Ages, the first documents mentioning its existence come from the ninth century, when it was part of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, commercial and military might. A thriving town in the thirteenth century was considered by the aristocracy as an ideal place to live, in result of which were built numerous villas and palaces, many of which survive to this day, some of them as luxury hotels. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century Ravello became popular once again, this time thanks to artists and writers who – attracted by the wonderful views, great location and charming streets – looked for inspiration, by placing the town on the list of mandatory places to visit during travels in Italy.

pierwsza papierowa książka





Piazza del Duomo – main square


Romanesque cathedral church of St. Pantaleon, the patron of Ravello, was founded in 1086



Behind this old wooden door hide the Town Hall


Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte


Romantic street of Ravello decorated with flowering oleanders ©

Walking around the Ravello is impossible to not to pay attention to the ceramics, which production and fancy hand painting is next to the tourism main occupation and source of income for residents of the town. In many stores you can see the works of ceramics art, but most impressed me the factory chinaware collection located at the store Ceramiche Cosmolena di Margherita di Palma, Via della Marra 15/19.



Along the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Capri people grown lemons widely regarded as the best in the whole of Italy. No wonder, that the limoncello, a sweet and strong lemon liqueur, popular in the whole southern Italy, which is made in this area is considered as the best. In Ravello, of course, there are many places to buy limoncello, but I urge you to buy lemon liqueur in the small shop next to the factory (via Santissima Trinita 37), where you can taste and purchase it, as well as, smell and buy some lemon perfume.




Visiting the limoncello factory


Visiting the limoncello factory


In such porcelain, hand-painted glasses – the seller assured me – you should taste limoncello

Ravello – city of music

In 1880 Ravello has visited famous composer Richard Wagner. From the notes made by him in the guest book at the Villa Rufolo was founded conviction, that in Ravello, specifically in the gardens of that Villa (read further below) Wagner created Act II of the opera “Parsifal”. As a tribute to Wagner since 1953 every summer, usually on the lower terrace of the Villa Rufolo  within the Ravello Festival concerts are held – one of the most prominent festivals of classic music in Italy.


The scene set in the gardens of the Villa Rufolo ©

Ravello Festival on Vimeo

Ravello – Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone, one of the two famous Villa in Ravello, founded in the late fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, today the building is the effect of rebuilding achievements in the early twentieth century. The thing, that most impresses is suspended high above the sea, a remarkable terrace called the Terrace of Infinity – Terrazza dell’Infinito, decorated with sculptures made from white marble. This scene forming a breathtaking contrast to the shimmering in the background, sea, emerald sea. This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in Italy. If you are coming to Ravello and have very limited time, you can afford only a short tour, the gardens of Villa Cimbrone is what you should put in the first place.


Terrazza dell’Infinito – the Terrace of Infinity


View from the Terrace of Infinity


View from the Terrace of Infinity ©


Villa Cimbrone ©

I encourage you to watch the video below showing the beautiful Villa Cimbrone, gardens and the Terrace of Infinity, – bird’s eye view.

Movie made by Roberto Vuilleumier on Vimeo

Ravello – Villa Rufolo

Villa Rufolo was founded in the second half of the nineteenth century at the request of the family Rufolo. In 1851, neglected and falling into ruin estate was bought by Scotsman Francis Reid, who attempted to restore its former glory. Today you can visit the magnificent gardens surrounding the Villa, which since 1975 are in the public domain. As I mentioned earlier, herefound an inspiration composer Richard Wagner, using the park as a prototype of gardens Klingsor in Parsifal opera.


One of the most famous views on the Amalfi Coast – the domes of Chiesa dell’Annunziata under a spreading crown of pine tree.









Villa Rufolo

Movie from website Ravello Festival on Vimeo

Where to sleep in Ravello? My recommendation

If you look for an elegant family-run hotel with delicious cuisine and stunning views of the Amalfi Coast, then click on the link below and get to know the Bonadies, a hotel with more than a century-long tradition in which I was a guest twice. For the readers of Italia by Natalia hotel provided special discounts.

Amalfi Coast. Hotel Bonadies – 136 years history of Ravello

Ravello – the perfect place for wedding



© Sposa Mediterranea

The awesome architecture and art, the world’s best cuisine, beautiful clothes, music, cars. The fact, that the Italians have an incredible imagination I knew for a long time. During the last trip I had the opportunity to see also their imagination in organizing weddings, and various occasional parties. Wedding in the church?No problem, after all, in Italy there is no shortage of churches, but the wedding on the beach or in the lemon garden? In Ravello it’s possible. Riding on a Vespa scooter to the wedding? You name it, even the old three-wheel scooter properly reworked waiting for you. Photo session with beautiful views in the background or in a boat on a small lake located in the cave, which in addition is in private hands!?  At your fingertips. Chocolate fountain at the wedding? That’s everybody knows, so you may hire the guy who live prepare for guests mozzarella, while in the background “O sole mio” will sing the tenor of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples? In Ravello has its headquarters company Sposa Mediterranea, involved in organizing weddings, and special events throughout Italy, and in particular on the Amalfi Coast and Cilento. Suita Carano Bonadies, a person very well-known in the Italian wedding industry, which has extensive connections and great experience. The Sposa Mediterranea representative for Poland is Małgorzata Ewa Mikrut, living permanently in the area of Sorrento for over twenty years. Maggie can assist or give any information to people interested in wedding or other event in Italy. I invite you to visit her fanpage Wesela w Italii z Margherita – Sposa Mediterranea Group. On the business card given below you will also find the e-mail address and phone number. In subsequent posts I will tell you about the opportunities, that await young couples in this part of Italy.


Ravello – trivia

Caruso five star hotel belonging to the exclusive brand Belmond offers its customers in the summer swimming pool with a stunning views of the sea and the coast. This unusual location of the pool guaranteed permanently high place in various rankings of the world’s most beautiful hotel pools.


© Belmond Hotel Caruso


© Belmond Hotel Caruso

Post is the result of cooperation with the company Sposa Mediterranea, on the invitation of which we stayed for ten days on the Amalfi Coast and Cilento Coast in March 2016.

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