When the dream come true – my meeting with Il Volo in Warsaw

Each of us has a dream. Those big and small, the real ones, but also those divorced from reality. When most of the last year, I fought for a return to health when I twice was lying in the hospital, and then long weeks I haven’t left my house, I dreamed that one day shake hands and say „thank you” to three young Italians, whose extraordinary talent and beauty music helped me through difficult times. That dream, however, belonged to the category of detached from reality, because I shared it with at least several million people around the world. Until now. I’ll tell you today about my meeting with Il Volo in Warsaw and about how it is when reality exceeds dreams.

On that moment I waited almost two years. I’ve discovered Il Volo in 2013, when searching for cool performance of „O sole mio”, which could add tomy blogging YT movie presenting extreme traffic on the Amalfi Coast near Naples, I came across the record. Three boys with a beautiful voice. I liked it. I looked at them and thought: cool kids. Two years later, in February 2015, I sat in front of the TV, to briefly look at the Italian Song Festival in San Remo and dropped my jaw, literally. Three sweet boys grew up to be handsome young men, changed the image and stood to compete with the creme de la creme of Italian artists presenting work that gave them victory not only in the Teatro Ariston di Sanremo, but also in the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Before anyone starts to correct me, that’s not been the first place, only a third I’ll refer to the decision of viewers who have chosen Il Volo overwhelming majority of votes. The final third position was the result of the sum of points from the so-called „experts” in music, because how else name someone who evaluates such prominent voices on the penultimate place, which did at least one of the Polish jurors? Perhaps this kind of music, is not everyone taste and I understand it perfectly, but to deny the talent of these guys just cann’t.

Final performance at the Eurovision Song Contest, Il Volo sing a shortened version of „Grande Amore”.

The team defended and scoff the „experts” with a smile on their lips in less than a month later moving with great touring „Grande Amore”, during which the 23 concerts in Italy and Malta and Swiss Locarno tickets in the amount of several hundred thousand peces spread like hot cakes, and the grand finale at the Arena di Verona in Romeo and Juliet was recorded and rebroadcast by Italian public television Rai1 crossing the t’s and dot the i’s on great success of the group. However, in Poland Il Volo still enjoyed only marginal popularity. When immediately after Il Volo victory in San Remo I wrote and published a comprehensive text on the blog about the band, it was Poland’s first article on this subject. There was a time, with no single Polish fan club, and to meet the trio in real life or a concert in our country I could only dream of. But soon, I sincerely believe, especially after the recent visit of the guys in Warsaw – short, but enough to show to them that it’s worth come back for more to Poland.

Il Volo – trzy głosy, jedna dusza

Link to my post about Il Volo from begining of March 2015 (only in polish).

Friday, September 16, Warsaw Hotel Regent,  Belwederska street. When I finally got there after traveling from Poznan, time was 19:40, 5 minutes left to start a meeting Il Volo with a small group of female fans invited by Sony Music Poland. In the lobby I saw a girls from a fanclub Il Volo Poland, with whom from time to time I work.

-Have they arrived yet? – I ask

-Yes, they have. 15 minutes ago, they walked past, looked very tired.

It was hard to surprise, to Warsaw they flew straight fromLos Angeles, which went to only a dozen hours to sing in the finals of the US „Got Talent”. I was afraid that therefore the meeting will be limited to a few moments, each of us will get the autograph and hurriedly shot photo, that’s all. Passed 19:45, 20:00 and we still waited. At first I thought Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca need time to rest, but didn’t. As it turned out, they did an interview for television Superstacja. Schedule had a very tight, because to Poland arrived for less than day to promote the new album whose sales will start on September 30. Recorded with Placido Domingo „Notte Magica. A tribute to the Three Tenors,” or „magical night. In honor of the Three tenors” to the repertoire of the famous trio Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo with their first joint performance outdoor in the Roman Baths of Caracalla 7 July 1990 .


„Notte Magica” sales will start on September 30

Il Volo sing „Nessun Dorma” from the third act of the opera „Turandot” by Giacomo Puccini during a concert in the open air, which took place on 1 July 2016. Piazza Santa Croce in Florence. The orchestra is conducted by Placido Domingo himself.

Came the long-awaited moment. Piero came first, followed by Gianluca and give the impression of a slightly bemused Ignazio. I held out a hand in greeting, and I got a kiss. And so forth, from everyone. This is my first positive surprise this evening. Yes, I expect such openness from the Italians, I didn’t expect it from world format music stars.




After greeting the guys got some nice gifts. One of the girls, every day, producing handmade Christmas balls, gave them one specially prepared for the occasion. Furthermore administrators of the Il Volo Poland fanclub carried out before the meeting the action of collecting letters and wishes from fans, and then creating a beautiful book and sent directly to the hands of Piero.




To Christmas still we have some time, but the gift was warmly received.


Piero and Gianluca are viewing the letters from fans passed by Il Volo Poland.


The first joint photo. This is just the beginning.



Me, Ignazio and Anita Olszewska from Il Volo Poland.

Then it was time for autographs. Here, too, was a provision in the regulations that we could submitted for signature, only a CD’s. Now I know that if I had something more, it would not be a problem. One of the girls gave three pictures and ask for autographs for friends. When Ignazio had to sign his photo it fell from his hand and it’s me – standing next to – unknowingly stepped on it. Ignazio, to my horror at first, began to shout in a typical Sicilian torn of emotions. I love, really love the temperament of inhabitants of the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea 🙂






There was also time for a joint photo. Guys to take their time without any hurry, in no way gave us the feeling that they would have to end the meeting. They were incredibly polite and receptive. Zeroairs and graces. Three normal guys, just like I met normal people in the first bar somewhere in Sicily, not snapped up music stars. Gianluca rather quiet, Ignazio very quiet, apart from the incident with his image under my feet, while Piero showed who is boss in this team. The most laid back, the real soul of the party. At some point, he began to ask us about our age. Younger girls responded, older joked that they still eighteen years. In the end, Piero asked who is the oldest, to which I replied that I’m thirty-two years old, so probably I am. „You are the oldest here?” – Turned to me and pointing to the fellows said, „I’m also the oldest,” then he gave me five. This is another pleasant surprise, thoughthe biggest were still in front of me, but this was domain of Ignazio.


It supposed to be selfies with Piero. I had no idea that guys decided to join us. I most regret, that  photographer couldn’t see it and cut off Ignazio and Giana.


Piero, Anita and her younger sister Agnes. When greeted, Piero looked at her and immediately guessed that he has before him sisters. He bets even twins, but he was wrong.




We talked, and suddenly Ignazio said: „You smell nice. What perfume do you use?” I stood and looked at him in surprise – on the one hand a nice compliment, on the other his directness, but he had come to the conclusion that I don’t understand, so turned to standing next to him Giana, who repeated the question.

– I use Dolce & Gabbana – I answered

-I also currently use Dolce & Gabbana!

But there wasn’t five 😉




Looking at people from the front pages of newspapers, television and promoted in the media was always wonder how much their image is poses to the audience, and how much a real person, when the cameras lights go out. It was the same with the guys from Il Volo. I cann’t count how many television programs and concerts, including those amateur, I was watching since the Festival of San Remo. Especially when most of the last year, struggled with the disease and little things were able to make me happy, these three young Italians often restored the smile on my face. I wondered what they are in reality. I know that with the image of well-known people works dozens of specialists and nowadays is normal. The question is only how their actions obscure reality. This meeting wasn’t accidental, lasted fifteen minutes, and in addition we were accompanied by three television cameras. Can I therefore say that I met privately Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto? Of course not. But I can assure you that their image isn’t much director made. I spent a nice time with the likeable, cool guys, who from the first moment shortened the distance, keeping up with this very natural. I’m pleasantly surprised and I hope that I’ll still have a chance to meet them again. Because my dream came true only partially. Three cameras and a dozen people around don’t present a convenient opportunity to say „thank you.” But everything is ahead of me.










Il Volo and administrators of the page of Il Volo Poland.


Il Volo and administrators of the page of Il Volo Poland.



Material about Il Volo stay in Poland in information service of  Superstacja channel.

And now 2, 3 and 4 October will be an opportunity to see the performance of Il Volo in the program „Jaka to melodia” in Polish TVP1.

At the end a beautiful slideshow of Polish fans with the guys. Most of them are pictures from their stay in Warsaw, but not only, because our compatriot met Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also abroad.

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  1. Lydka K.

    I agree with your opinion about the meeting with the boys surrounded by cameras and other people. In the past I wrote my opinion on such kinds of meetings (Meet and Greet after concerts). (Here is my older comment : Personally for me are Meet and Greet little bit strange events. I can imagine that for example after concerts singers surely want to have a peace, time to rest, maybe they are hungry etc. and must be for them exhausting to participate in this action (M/G).We also have to count with that the famous people are just humans, and it is normal that sometimes they have not the mood to be in big group of people, surrounded by among plenty of fans, or they do not have the funny mood, to do jokes and so. At these M/G events I lack spontaneity, a certain naturalness,because the artist is obliged to spend with fans at least a few minutes,dedicate the attention to them, because the fans have paid for it. It is more beautiful , when artist dedicates at least short time to fans when he really wants it, if it doesn’t bother him and he is relaxed, in good mood and this follows somehow naturally from the particular situation. This is reason why if once I will go on their concert, I do not want to go on M/G , it is also expensive for me , but much more important is that I do not want this type of meeting which for me is forced and I don’t want to make someone tired and take his free time, if he hasn’t too much time on relax.I think that it is not necessary to always meet our idols,for me would be sufficient to attend a concert, nothing more. 🙂 Famous people have many fans, every fan wants to have the feeling to be special and important for his idol and wants to catch his attention,but it is not possible for several reasons. 🙂 When fan meets his idol, it is special moment for him or her, but for famous person it is only another meeting with fan. For artist it is not special moment, surely is polite and kind,because he knows that fans are important because through them he is famous and successful, the fans pay for tickets, Cds……Maybe artist will remember few happy fans, but surely not all, while many fans are hoping that they will belong among these unforgettable fans. 🙂 It is normal to be anonymous fan. 🙂 and I think that in my cause would be maybe good to stay anonymous for them. 🙂 Some fans have very big expectations, sometimes maybe unreal and daring, but I am a realist with feet on the ground. Sometimes it is enough just a little to the fact that we can be happy. But it is individually, each person feels it differently. Everyone needs something different…Often I think that singers are like funny toys for some fans, and paying for them means that artists are only ” things on using”,(aren’t living beings) or “trained animals in a circus”, just an attraction which everyone wants to touch and wants see up close..)
    Natalia it is nice that you were able to at least partially fulfill your dream. Nice article arose from this meeting with impressive and beautiful photos. Thanks for it. I wish you all the best, mainly good health and fulfillment of all your professional and personal dreams. Srdečne pozdravujem zo Slovenska.

    29 września 2016 // Odpowiedz
  2. Kamila

    Dzień dobry. Trafiłam na Pani blog, szukając materiałów o Il Volo, bo usłyszałam o nich przy okazji ubiegłorocznej Eurowizji i się wzięłam i zakochałam. Uważam, że Piero to zdecydowanie najlepszy głos na światowej estradzie od czasu pojawienia się na niej Albano Carrisiego, czyli od półwiecza. Jest zresztą dość podobny fizycznie do młodego Al Bano. Teraz intensywnie marzę o ich koncercie w Polsce.

    19 grudnia 2016 // Odpowiedz

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