Autumn in Italy. Why should you go to Italy in September, October, November and December?

The golden and red vineyards and hills of Tuscany, Umbria or Marche, the warm water and empty beaches of Puglia, Calabria or Sardinia, few tourists and lower prices on the crowded Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre seasons, rusty red leaves against still green meadows and white peaks of the Dolomites or maybe the huge amount of seasonal fruits, pleasant temperatures and the second spring in Sicily? Italy in September, October, November, early December. What are the pros and cons of travel in these months? What weather and what landscapes can you expect?

Sicily. Terme Segestane – thermal hot springs near Segesta

I know you love hot thermal springs, which can be used free of charge in the wild ponds hidden from mass tourism. Baths in Tuscany, described by me almost four years ago, enjoying great popularity among you, that’s why today I present another termal spring. If someone is dizzy, because wants to go to Sicily, but at the same time dreaming to soak in the hot, health and stinking puddle in the Tuscan bushes, then I hasten to help and present the bushes at the foot of Segesta in the Province of Trapani. Terme di Segesta, or the hot thermal spring in Sicily, are available free of charge.


Best time to visit Sicily? Weather, swimming, seasonal fruits

When is the best time to visit Sicily? What kind of weather can be expected in each month? When it rains the most? From when and until when the sea temperature allows for a nice bath? What seasonal fruit reign at the stalls? When spring begins? What’s unusual is happening in October? In this post I will present to you a thorough analysis of conditions in general in Sicily month after month, based on the experience of my seven visits to the Island and observation by the person living there for almost fourteen years. I’ll answer the questions about the best time to visit and how to deal with hot weather, when you can go only in the middle of summer.

Sicily. Levanzo – 25 minutes to another world

I had a beautiful dream today. On a small island I was walking around the little town, the snow-white houses decorated with intense blue shutters emerged straight from the sea and the turquoise waves rocked on their crests colorful boats. Local fishermen, who returned from the morning catch, mending their nets in the harbor, and from the nearby bar was spreading of the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and warm cornetti. My dream, the memory of reality, another world in which I found myself in 25 minutes for less than 9 euros, boarded on a hydrofoil in Trapani. Come and see Levanzo.

From passion to Sicily to love to Trapani. Bed & Breakfast GranVeliero

In the very center of the old town of Trapani, close to the most beautiful monuments, but also in a short distance from: the market, supermarket, the harbor, many restaurants and the place from which you can enjoy fabulous sunsets over the Egadi Islands, is located a cozy Bed & Breakfast run by a very sympathetic Sicilian. Decorated in completely renovated old house was captivated me with pleasant climate, small but functional room with a large, comfortable bathroom, roof terrace with views of the sea and one of the best breakfasts I have ever had in southern Italy. Come with me to visit GranVeliero.

Isola delle Correnti – where the Sicily ends

There’s a place where the east coast of Sicily turns to the south, where the Ionian Sea meets the Mediterranean waters and turquoise waves splash on long beach covered with golden sand, considered in Sicily of one of the most beautiful and in the middle you’ll see a small island with an old lighthouse. The southernmost crumb of the Sicilian land. Come with me to see Isola delle Correnti – where the Sicily ends.

Sicily. Where to eat in Trapani?

In the previous post I showed you Trapani, which, although I visited three times – until now I had a chance to get to know and feel. this time I’ll tell you about three checked places where you can eat delicious and inexpensive. Excellent ice cream parlor, the original pizzeria and an amazing bar with fast food. What? I’ll recommend fast food? In Sicily? Yes! How it’s possible?

Sicily. Trapani seeing by heart

Some say third time lucky. Same was with me and Trapani. First time I visited the city in June 2012, and after two hours, a cursory sightseeing with relief I left blistering Centro Storico escaping to a pleasantly cold Erice. The second time, in September 2014 was much shorter and basically limited only to visit the fish market and to buy mussels and quickly run to the apartment with a kitchen in Custonaci to cook. Just when I visited the city for the third time and spent four full days there, deliberately, traversing the same streets, Trapani stole my heart. In this post I’ll show you Trapani seen not only with the eyes, but also – and perhaps most of all – heart, my heart.