Autumn in Italy. Why should you go to Italy in September, October, November and December?

The golden and red vineyards and hills of Tuscany, Umbria or Marche, the warm water and empty beaches of Puglia, Calabria or Sardinia, few tourists and lower prices on the crowded Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre seasons, rusty red leaves against still green meadows and white peaks of the Dolomites or maybe the huge amount of seasonal fruits, pleasant temperatures and the second spring in Sicily? Italy in September, October, November, early December. What are the pros and cons of travel in these months? What weather and what landscapes can you expect?

Puglia – between Bari and Brindisi. Beautiful beaches in the Reserve of Torre Guaceto

Puglia is a region boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. The most popular ones on the peninsulas Gargano (spur of the Italian boot) and Salento (heel), which doesn’t mean that central part of the region is less well endowed by nature. Coast between Bari and Brindisi in fact hides many treasures. One of them is the Reserve of Torre Guaceto, located less than an hour’s drive from fairytale Alberobello. It’s the perfect place for a break from sightseeing and relaxation among beautiful Apulian nature.

Puglia. Altamura – for focaccia and bread, to medieval bakery

Will you plan to fly to Bari in Puglia? Let me take you to a place you will not find in guidebooks. I won’t be surprised if at first you do not believe. It sounds incredible, even for Italia. Therefore, try to imagine. Beautiful white town, the elegant streets and narrow streets paved with bright plates, intimate courtyards called claustri and unusual treasures hidden among them. In one of those alleys is a bakery open in the Middle Ages, which still produces bread, continuously since 1423. Also, I could not believe it. Come and see Altamura.