Proven accommodation in Italy – list, descriptions, photos

One of the questions, that you most often ask me is: “What checked accommodations are you recommending in (here is the name of the place), but only checked by you personally!” Exactly! This post should be created four years ago, so I hurry to catch it up. Here’s the base of the tested accommodation in Italy. All without exception I checked in person! I slept, ate, relaxed there. There’s no fake and no hidden advertising here. There’s no recommendation “after acquaintance”. Besides, you will also find info about the places which were my bloomer and which I recommend to stay away. Hotels from 2 to 4 stars, agritourisms, B&B, camping sites. Sicily, Tuscany, Naples, Rome and more. Moreover, this database will be updated by me after every trip. See for yourself!

Autumn in Italy. Why should you go to Italy in September, October, November and December?

The golden and red vineyards and hills of Tuscany, Umbria or Marche, the warm water and empty beaches of Puglia, Calabria or Sardinia, few tourists and lower prices on the crowded Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre seasons, rusty red leaves against still green meadows and white peaks of the Dolomites or maybe the huge amount of seasonal fruits, pleasant temperatures and the second spring in Sicily? Italy in September, October, November, early December. What are the pros and cons of travel in these months? What weather and what landscapes can you expect?

How Italians scam tourists, or what to watch for during visiting Italy.

Travelling around Italy and marveling at the beauty of the visited places very easy to lose vigilance and be hoodwinked. Among the many sympathetic Italians honestly earning on tourism, unfortunately, it’s not hard to hit the black sheep, which want from you tear off the last euro. I despite a lot of experience, allowed several times to pull my leg. In this post you will learn what to pay special attention to minimize the risk and return home without unpleasant reminder.


Best time to visit Sicily? Weather, swimming, seasonal fruits

When is the best time to visit Sicily? What kind of weather can be expected in each month? When it rains the most? From when and until when the sea temperature allows for a nice bath? What seasonal fruit reign at the stalls? When spring begins? What’s unusual is happening in October? In this post I will present to you a thorough analysis of conditions in general in Sicily month after month, based on the experience of my seven visits to the Island and observation by the person living there for almost fourteen years. I’ll answer the questions about the best time to visit and how to deal with hot weather, when you can go only in the middle of summer.

How to travel by train in Italy? Case study of

Italian railways. Some people like it, others hate it. It is fast, clean, usually air-conditioned, it’s lacking in the punctuality and often providing additional attractions, while nearby sits person (usually a woman) who wants to discuss over the phone the personal problems with a friend screaming so loudly, that after finishing a trip know them all the passengers from the carriage ( I love this country). Despite this, the Italian railways can be very helpful in traveling around Italy and relatively inexpensive, especially if you buy tickets on the Internet. I invite you!

How to travel by train in Italy? Fast trains type Frecciarossa

Often, in the Internet you can find a lot of cheap flights to Milan, Bologna and Rome, which are distant from your chosen destination. Offer great, so let’s seize the opportunity. At the airport, of course you can rent a car to reach your destination or travel around the country. However, there are people who want to visit cities such Naples, and are afraid of traffic in the city center or simply booked a room there for a few days and renting a car simply does not fix. In such situations good to have The Italian Railways.