Magic Night Fever. Amazing concert Il Volo in Warsaw

Definitely it wasn’t a common concert like many. Three outstanding vocal talents, the greatest opera aria’s of the world in accompaniment of the Orchestra of the Music Theater in Poznań and the audience that every artist dreams on. The Warsaw concert Il Volo, which took place on 26 June in Torwar, will remain in memory for a long time, not only for the fans but also for the band itself. Very good organization of the event with the huge involvement of fans and fan clubs touched the boys, who at the end said: “We promise you we will return here next year.” I invite you to read the only one event relation in Polish blogosphere from the Magical Night in Warsaw, where I will show you not only the concert itself but also its backstage. Together we will look at the stage, listen to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca learn to speak Polish and where they stayed during this and previous stay in the Polish capital.

By car, by ferry and by train. In other words how Grzanka returned home

Nearly 4,000 km through land and sea, by car, ferry and train. A dozen completely earlier unfamiliar people involved in this journey, hundreds e-mails, shares on Facebook, comments, thousands of people interested in her fate. Described by me story of Grzanka, Polish female dog wishing to return home from Sicily touched you a few months ago, to this level, that it managed to do what seemed impossible. Grzanka month ago returned home to Poland and is happy with her family.

When the dream come true – my meeting with Il Volo in Warsaw

Each of us has a dream. Those big and small, the real ones, but also those divorced from reality. When most of the last year, I fought for a return to health when I twice was lying in the hospital, and then long weeks I haven’t left my house, I dreamed that one day shake hands and say “thank you” to three young Italians, whose extraordinary talent and beauty music helped me through difficult times. That dream, however, belonged to the category of detached from reality, because I shared it with at least several million people around the world. Until now. I’ll tell you today about my meeting with Il Volo in Warsaw and about how it is when reality exceeds dreams.

Sicily, Wanda and Grzanka, the story without a happy ending

When five years ago, Wanda began a new life in Sicily, she adopted a five-month bitch form a dog shelter in Golenow near Szczecin, and to provide her a beautiful life in the south of Italy, alongside loving family. Life, however, sometimes is perverse, so rolled the fate of the two girls – Wanda returned to Poland, but Grzanka beloveddog stayed in Sicily, under the care of a man who didn’t want her. At any time, the Grzanka may go back to the dog shelter or simply Sicilian street. Wanda asked me to help, and I ask you. Let’s help that little gem to return to the Poland. You do not need the money, because Wanda cover all costs, only the people who love animals and traveling through Italy by car or bus. Because air travel is not an option, low cost airlines don’t carry animals, and in regular lines, weighing aprox. 15 kg dog would go in the luggage compartment, and that’s a very big stress for a pet. Read it, share it, let’s combined our forces to bring back home Grzanka. Because home is wherever your family is.