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Tuscany. What to buy? What to bring back home? What to try?

What should I buy in Tuscany? What should I bring back home? What should I try during the stay? After a recent, intense discussion on Facebook, I realized that the answers to these questions are not obvious at all, especially for those who first time travel to the land of wine and cypress before departure. Here’s a Tuscan shopping and culinary guidebook. Read, note and pack your suitcases!

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Campania. Procida – a colorful island off the coast of Naples

It’s just 40 minutes while stayig in Naples to feel the atmosphere of the past century, to back in time about 30 years to the land of fishermen living in small townhouses with pastel facades, rising almost straight from the sea, where life goes on in unchanged rhythm. Narrow streets, old Vespas, iconic 500s, colorful boats and breathtaking views. Come on, I’ll show you the Island of Procida, a little known pearl of the Gulf of Naples that stole my heart during my last trip to Campania. It’s the perfect place for a day trip from Naples.

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Campania. Over the roofs of the historic center of Naples

Look at this view. Historical center of Naples seen from the height of the twelfth floor. Roofs of townhouses, church dome, harbor cranes, in the distant Sorrento Coast and the famous Capri. Will you believe me if I write that such a view extends out of a window in a small, modest bathroom? This’s Naples, a city of contrasts that will never ceases to amaze me. During each trip I discover them again, unfortunately not always positive. Want to see more? If you want to guard your face like I did I invite you!

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Puglia – between Bari and Brindisi. Beautiful beaches in the Reserve of Torre Guaceto

Puglia is a region boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. The most popular ones on the peninsulas Gargano (spur of the Italian boot) and Salento (heel), which doesn’t mean that central part of the region is less well endowed by nature. Coast between Bari and Brindisi in fact hides many treasures. One of them is the Reserve of Torre Guaceto, located less than an hour’s drive from fairytale Alberobello. It’s the perfect place for a break from sightseeing and relaxation among beautiful Apulian nature.

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How Italians scam tourists, or what to watch for during visiting Italy.

Travelling around Italy and marveling at the beauty of the visited places very easy to lose vigilance and be hoodwinked. Among the many sympathetic Italians honestly earning on tourism, unfortunately, it’s not hard to hit the black sheep, which want from you tear off the last euro. I despite a lot of experience, allowed several times to pull my leg. In this post you will learn what to pay special attention to minimize the risk and return home without unpleasant reminder.

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Puglia. Altamura – for focaccia and bread, to medieval bakery

Will you plan to fly to Bari in Puglia? Let me take you to a place you will not find in guidebooks. I won’t be surprised if at first you do not believe. It sounds incredible, even for Italia. Therefore, try to imagine. Beautiful white town, the elegant streets and narrow streets paved with bright plates, intimate courtyards called claustri and unusual treasures hidden among them. In one of those alleys is a bakery open in the Middle Ages, which still produces bread, continuously since 1423. Also, I could not believe it. Come and see Altamura.

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Naples, pizza and famous pizzerias – guidebook

The best pizza in the world is eaten in Naples, that’s for sure – every pizza fan know it. But being on the spot, you could be dizzy because of premises serving this dish is countless. Which one to choose? I present to you a subjective list of six best Neapolitan pizzerias according to Italia-by-Natalia. In each of them, and I ate at least once. Prices, addresses, photos, waiting time for a table. Everything you need to know about pizza before traveling to Naples and the falling in February the International Pizza Day! See for yourself!

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Tuscany. Lake Vagli and the underwater ghost town

On the northern edge of Tuscany, surrounded by green peaks of the Apuan Alps, existed side by side two villages. One day, as it did seventy years ago, after the construction of the dam aimed to supply the area with electricity, located lower Fabbriche di Careggine was covered by the water of artificial lake. Second one Vagli Sotto today may well be called one of the most beautifully situated village in whole Tuscany. However, flooded ghost town doesn’t remain forgotten. When, in1994 for the last time water from artificial lake was drained for maintenance, old walls attracted more than a million people, to tell them its story. Once again, they do it – soon.

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Sicily. Terme Segestane – thermal hot springs near Segesta

I know you love hot thermal springs, which can be used free of charge in the wild ponds hidden from mass tourism. Baths in Tuscany, described by me almost four years ago, enjoying great popularity among you, that’s why today I present another termal spring. If someone is dizzy, because wants to go to Sicily, but at the same time dreaming to soak in the hot, health and stinking puddle in the Tuscan bushes, then I hasten to help and present the bushes at the foot of Segesta in the Province of Trapani. Terme di Segesta, or the hot thermal spring in Sicily, are available free of charge.

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Spring in Tuscany – Chianti, San Gimignano, Val’ d’Orcia and Maremma perfect places for May trip.

Tuscany is a extraordinary land stunning richness of art and landscape. Especially beautiful is in the middle of April, when fresh, juicy green cover hills, vines covers with young leaves, red poppies overlay roadside ditches contrasting with the dark green rows of cypress trees, fragrant roses in full bloom, just bathed in a fleeting rain, climb on the old walls soaking up every ray of spring sunshine. Just pull off from still not crowded main roads, follow on gravel, winding roads to get lost among the hills and to admire the wonderful views discovering little known places. Chianti, San Gimignano, Val d’Orcia, Maremma. Isn’t it tempting way to spend a long weekend in Italy? If you wonder that does Tuscany is a good idea for a picnic, this post is for you.

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Best time to visit Sicily? Weather, swimming, seasonal fruits

When is the best time to visit Sicily? What kind of weather can be expected in each month? When it rains the most? From when and until when the sea temperature allows for a nice bath? What seasonal fruit reign at the stalls? When spring begins? What’s unusual is happening in October? In this post I will present to you a thorough analysis of conditions in general in Sicily month after month, based on the experience of my seven visits to the Island and observation by the person living there for almost fourteen years. I’ll answer the questions about the best time to visit and how to deal with hot weather, when you can go only in the middle of summer.

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Basilicata. Flight of the angel – unknown gem of southern Italy

There were two towns Castelmezzano and Piterapertosa spaced from each other little more than a kilometer and separated by a deep ravine of Dolomiti Lucane. Innovative and enterprising residents, one day put steel wire rope over a precipice and through it created the possibility of „flying” between towns. Today, everyone can fly, and experience incredible mixture of fear, excitement and delight of the landscape beauty. See one of the greatest experiences in the history of our Italian trip – Volo dell’Angelo, located in Basilicata, which is one and a half kilometer rope stretched 400 meters above the precipice and being traveled at a speed of 120 km/h. News coverage with Angel Flight, along with the film from the camera mounted on a helmet!

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Campania. Castellabate – Benvenuti al Sud, or Welcome to the South

The small, sleepy town on the southern end of the Campania region, terraces situated high on a hill, but at the same time suspended just above the long sandy beaches, rich in a tangle of narrow streets, that surrounds the medieval castle, narrow passages, a countless number of steps and stunning view of the mountains and the sea, extending from every corner. It’s here, in the charming little town the action of his film put Luca Miniero creating one of the best production of Italian cinema in recent years – „Benvenuti al Sud”, or „Welcome to the South”. Come and see Castellabate, listed at Borghi Piu Bella di Italia, which is the most beautiful small towns of Italy.

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Naples. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo – in the temple of of Italian pizza

Friday night the middle of March, the very center of Naples. At the door, a waiter collecting records and dozens of people waiting for a table. The average time to stand in line it’s an hour. Average daily quantity of pizza which is channeled directly from a traditional wood-fired oven on customers plates is 1200, and the components used in the product is high-quality products originating exclusively from the Campania region. Sauce made from ripe, juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fragrant basil, the best olive oil, and extremely thin and soft dough. But this isn’t the only secret of the famous Neapolitan pizzeria. Here in for less than 4 euros Margherita will be prepared by the guy who trained the participants of the Italian and Australian MasterChef’a and won the Championship of Neapolitan Pizza in 2013. Come and sit at Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo.

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Positano, Amalfi, Minori. The charm of empty beaches, or Amalfi Coast at low season.

Colorful towns of Amalfi Coast, scenic beaches hidden in small coves and the famous Costiera Amalfitana, one of the most panormic roads in Europe, in the season terribly crowded, from autumn to spring almost empty and eagerly awaiting for visitors. Today I will tell you why you should visit the Amalfi Coast during low season and what it’s like to have a famous beach in Positano almost exclusively for us. Come and see for yourself!

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By car, by ferry and by train. In other words how Grzanka returned home

Nearly 4,000 km through land and sea, by car, ferry and train. A dozen completely earlier unfamiliar people involved in this journey, hundreds e-mails, shares on Facebook, comments, thousands of people interested in her fate. Described by me story of Grzanka, Polish female dog wishing to return home from Sicily touched you a few months ago, to this level, that it managed to do what seemed impossible. Grzanka month ago returned home to Poland and is happy with her family.

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Tuscany – the most beautiful view points in the Val d’Orcia. Part 2

Val d’Orcia stretches to the south of Siena, at the foot of an extinct volcano Monte Amiata is a land of dream for every enthusiast of photography and one of the most popular region in Europe for outdoor shooting. It comes from here majority of famous views printed on postcards. After more than two and a half years since the publication of post „Tuscany – the most beautiful view points in the Val d’Orcia” I invite you to its continuation. Another famous panoramas and practical tips on where to go and what place you choose to snap by yourself the most popular views of this part of Tuscany.

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When the dream come true – my meeting with Il Volo in Warsaw

Each of us has a dream. Those big and small, the real ones, but also those divorced from reality. When most of the last year, I fought for a return to health when I twice was lying in the hospital, and then long weeks I haven’t left my house, I dreamed that one day shake hands and say „thank you” to three young Italians, whose extraordinary talent and beauty music helped me through difficult times. That dream, however, belonged to the category of detached from reality, because I shared it with at least several million people around the world. Until now. I’ll tell you today about my meeting with Il Volo in Warsaw and about how it is when reality exceeds dreams.

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Sicily. Levanzo – 25 minutes to another world

I had a beautiful dream today. On a small island I was walking around the little town, the snow-white houses decorated with intense blue shutters emerged straight from the sea and the turquoise waves rocked on their crests colorful boats. Local fishermen, who returned from the morning catch, mending their nets in the harbor, and from the nearby bar was spreading of the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and warm cornetti. My dream, the memory of reality, another world in which I found myself in 25 minutes for less than 9 euros, boarded on a hydrofoil in Trapani. Come and see Levanzo.

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Tuscany – the most beautiful view points in the Val d’Orcia

Val d’Orcia stretches to the south of Siena, at the foot of an extinct volcano Monte Amiata is a land of dream for every enthusiast of photography and one of the most popular region in Europe for outdoor shooting. It’s comes from here majority of famous views printed on postcards. In this post you will find out where to go and what place you must choose to snap by yourself the most popular panoramas adorning numerous postcards and Tuscany travel guides.

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Amalfi Coast. Hotel Bonadies – 136 years history of Ravello

When the rising sun emerges from behind the peaks of Monte Lattari, covering with gold still sleepy towns of the Amalfi Coast, in the kitchen of the Hotel Bonadies breakfast is preparing for the guests. Fresh fruits, tomatoes, bread, cheese, cold meats and pastries are on the table in the dining room with large windows overlooking the terrace, offering stunning views of the Amalfi coast. Currently, four-star hotel, which has hosted people like Richard Wagner, Hans Christen Andersen, Jacqueline Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, many years ago began as a small Inn in a medieval monastery. Since then, for nearly fourteen decades, five generations of the same family is waiting for its guests by offering them a memorable stay in Ravello. Come and see the Hotel Bonadies.

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From passion to Sicily to love to Trapani. Bed & Breakfast GranVeliero

In the very center of the old town of Trapani, close to the most beautiful monuments, but also in a short distance from: the market, supermarket, the harbor, many restaurants and the place from which you can enjoy fabulous sunsets over the Egadi Islands, is located a cozy Bed & Breakfast run by a very sympathetic Sicilian. Decorated in completely renovated old house was captivated me with pleasant climate, small but functional room with a large, comfortable bathroom, roof terrace with views of the sea and one of the best breakfasts I have ever had in southern Italy. Come with me to visit GranVeliero.

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Isola delle Correnti – where the Sicily ends

There’s a place where the east coast of Sicily turns to the south, where the Ionian Sea meets the Mediterranean waters and turquoise waves splash on long beach covered with golden sand, considered in Sicily of one of the most beautiful and in the middle you’ll see a small island with an old lighthouse. The southernmost crumb of the Sicilian land. Come with me to see Isola delle Correnti – where the Sicily ends.

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Tuscany. Castello di Volpaia – the essence of Chianti

Picturesque hills, green forests, small stone villages, impressive vineyards to encourage visits and wine tasting, and old olive groves, interspersed with narrow roads and cypresses. Here is the Chianti, the most famous Italian wine region. And there, right in the heart, but at the same timeoff the beaten track, away from the main routes, but at your fingertips, a tiny village with more than 1000 years of history and famous for its production of ond of the best wines at the region. Full of atmosphere medieval walls covered with climbing rose bushes, and among them, a restaurant serving delicious Tuscan cuisine embellished with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. I invite you to Castello di Volpaia, a place which for me is the essence of Chianti.

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Sicily, Wanda and Grzanka, the story without a happy ending

When five years ago, Wanda began a new life in Sicily, she adopted a five-month bitch form a dog shelter in Golenow near Szczecin, and to provide her a beautiful life in the south of Italy, alongside loving family. Life, however, sometimes is perverse, so rolled the fate of the two girls – Wanda returned to Poland, but Grzanka beloveddog stayed in Sicily, under the care of a man who didn’t want her. At any time, the Grzanka may go back to the dog shelter or simply Sicilian street. Wanda asked me to help, and I ask you. Let’s help that little gem to return to the Poland. You do not need the money, because Wanda cover all costs, only the people who love animals and traveling through Italy by car or bus. Because air travel is not an option, low cost airlines don’t carry animals, and in regular lines, weighing aprox. 15 kg dog would go in the luggage compartment, and that’s a very big stress for a pet. Read it, share it, let’s combined our forces to bring back home Grzanka. Because home is wherever your family is.

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Sicily. Where to eat in Trapani?

In the previous post I showed you Trapani, which, although I visited three times – until now I had a chance to get to know and feel. this time I’ll tell you about three checked places where you can eat delicious and inexpensive. Excellent ice cream parlor, the original pizzeria and an amazing bar with fast food. What? I’ll recommend fast food? In Sicily? Yes! How it’s possible?

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Sicily. Trapani seeing by heart

Some say third time lucky. Same was with me and Trapani. First time I visited the city in June 2012, and after two hours, a cursory sightseeing with relief I left blistering Centro Storico escaping to a pleasantly cold Erice. The second time, in September 2014 was much shorter and basically limited only to visit the fish market and to buy mussels and quickly run to the apartment with a kitchen in Custonaci to cook. Just when I visited the city for the third time and spent four full days there, deliberately, traversing the same streets, Trapani stole my heart. In this post I’ll show you Trapani seen not only with the eyes, but also – and perhaps most of all – heart, my heart.

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Amalfi Coast – the list of checked restaurants

Everyone who comes to Italy wants to try the vaunted – and recognized as the best in the world – Italian cuisine. Does in the country with such a rich culinary traditions you can eat tasteless? Unfortunately, yes, I myself a couple of times I ate badly. Therefore, always very keen on the blog I give the coordinates of the places where I lived unforgettable moments, both in terms of accommodation, active leisure time and gastronomy. In this post I will present to you six checked my restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, where delicious food is just one of the attractions, next to the cool climate and beautiful views. I invite you!

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Scala – the oldest town on the Amalfi Coast

Almost vertically above Amalfi and not far from Ravello, on the other side of the Dragon Valley, off the beaten track, surrounded by chestnut forests and terraces sloping down towards the sea lemon groves, lies the oldest town of the Amalfi Coast. Scala, which does not reach the mass tourism, offers peace and quiet to explore the numerous monuments in a natural setting, stunning views and long and fascinating history dating back to its beginnings in the fourth century AD. It’s the perfect place to escape from the crowds and bustle of the full season in Amalfi towns situated by the sea.

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